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No. sentence
1 And suppose they have, you know, very different sensory apparatus, and so on, they have seven tentacles, and they have 14 little funny-looking compound eyes, and a brain shaped like a pretzel.
2 But they were so energetic that they immediately bumped into the walls of the experimental apparatus and were annihilated.
3 The fodder for their matching apparatus was a handful of personality tests and droll questionnaires that they’d posted on the Spark to lure traffic.
4 The liquefying test with a dynamic tri-axial apparatus is one of the usual methods to perform.
5 A liquefying apparatus capable of efficient disposal of plastics.
6 So now I look at Montagnier's apparatus, which looks even more rinky-tink than my old gadget, and what I see is a sensitive noise detector.
7 The barbecue was an apparatus I had never seen - imagine a small flying saucer sitting atop a pole - and I'd planned to make pork chops glazed with herbs, local lemons and bit of honey.
8 of pinna epidermis and stomatal apparatus in Encephalartos gratus Prain have been observed with LM and SEM.
9 It is utility to have jade as decoration, keepsake, religious apparatus or present which related to human being. That sprung the aesthetics of jade.
10 discovery can be as simple as the observation of a previously unnoticed phenomenon, while an invention is a human-devised machine, tool, or apparatus that did not previously exist.
11 He used a special apparatus which had a cage for the rat and three doors.
12 unique neurobiological apparatus that enables the finch to sing developed after the lineage of the zebra finch and chicken diverged, about 100 million years ago.
13 Before he starts he must put on two sets of protective clothing, four pairs of gloves and a helmet with breathing apparatus, all of which is taped up so that not a particle of skin is exposed.
14 key to turning similarities from an adversity to an effective apparatus for software simplification is a technology capable of representing similarity patterns in generic and adaptable form.
15 But the security apparatus is more pervasive and onerous now than it has ever been, especially in Khartoum.
16 utility model relates to a connector of diddle-net ring, belonging to fishing apparatus field. The utility comprises a joint base;
17 This entire apparatus fits on a chip no larger than a few square millimeters.
18 One piece of apparatus that survives in Bada's collection is configured in a way that suggests Miller was working with hydrogen sulfide and hot steam.
19 The measures, which are part of a revamp of the police and intelligence apparatus, were announced days after the Indian capital was hit by a series of bomb blasts.
20 His security apparatus has beaten and arrested thousands, tried scores of dissidents in kangaroo courts, hounded others into exile, throttled the press and jammed the airwaves.
21 But Western Christianity developed an apparatus to crush dissent, to annihilate a plurality of views, to obliterate those who espoused a Gnostic path to spiritual realization.
22 We require the agency in our market for your precision apparatus.
23 9th century he designed a winged apparatus, roughly resembling a bird costume.
24 We sat, horrified, until at last we found the “baby monitor” my son had left behind, the apparatus under the bed, the receiver in our TV room, to hear whether the baby was crying.
25 Operating inconsistencies among systems and apparatus that increases the rate of false positive alarms leads to errors in patient care management, some of which are possibly fatal.
26 Most tasks will balance some control for some adaptability, and so the apparatus that best does the job will be some cyborgian hybrid of part clock, part swarm.
27 them up delightfully, complete with scholarly apparatus and enough personal affection to make even the older and embittered figure of Babbage sympathetic.
28 But Sol was, and is, a prosperous importer of hams and cheeses, and any connection he or Miriam ever had with show business is well hidden by the Salinger counterintelligence apparatus.
29 We need this urgent reminder because in those seconds when we decide to purchase another piece of life's apparatus we are strikingly effective at suppressing any ethical doubt over its provenance.
30 She had the administrative apparatus and the miles of paperwork to prove it.