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No. sentence
1 Please give it to my wife if anything should happen to me.
2 the human ear, it may not sound like anything.
3 you anything to declare?
4 anything should happen to the child?
5 Speakers have no need to "convince" anyone of anything, nor are they obligated to bear the burden of proof or self-justification.
6 If anything happens to him, let me know at once.
7 Late for work again, she gulped down a cup of milk, with no time for anything to eat.
8 man who has to potboil for a living seldom accomplishes anything of an exceptional character.
9 He always says what he thinks; he can't hold anything back.
10 No problem for me. I believe I can do anything for you.
11 Because it has fattened itself up in the back, so it can touch back there, what that means is that the front of the tongue is not touching anything.
12 We may decide to eat more healthily, to get more exercise, not to bite our nails, to spend more time with our families, or really anything and everything that we feel we don't do, or don't do enough.
13 With no goals or dreams, how can we expect to achieve anything significant?
14 I don't want to eat anything, I'm nauseating.
15 you have anything else to eat except these?
16 I can eat anything.
17 This doesnt bear the slightest resemblance to anything in real life.
18 under the sign of Venus, the goddess of beauty, Libra women are lovers of anything beautiful like luxurious houses, places, things and upscale living.
19 Tell me if you feel anything.
20 It could not contemplate anything like the transfers that America's federal system allows.
21 As such, they back the contention that rising temperatures are cutting ice cover across the region, including along the fringes of Greenland; but not anything like as fast as the Times Atlas claimed.
22 The point is simply to do something, anything, with one of your ideas.
23 Anything that we do must come from the inside, it is not that there are any blocks outside of you that are preventing you from being as successful. The blocks are within yourself.
24 These companies have stable earnings, modest valuations and yields that beat anything on offer from the Treasury, considering the ability of dividends to grow with earnings over time.
25 such, he is the only one of 10 trustees of the funds to have anything invested in them.
26 ability to do almost anything you like is powerful, but it can also lead to uncertainty about what you should do and how to establish a standard approach to development.
27 I think literary texts are beautiful, powerful, tensile, but they're also very tough, and no amount of strong readings is going to destroy them or move them out of their path or anything like that.
28 But this is Microsoft we're talking about, and if its proposed acquisition of Yahoo signals anything, it serves as a confirmation that Microsoft's glory days are in the past.
29 with anything else, defense in depth is a balance between security and utility.
30 This term was explained in depth in the first article of this series; it simply means that you should begin by creating your VXML file normally, as a static document, before you do anything else.