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any player in a sentence

1. the most by any player apart from Matthews.

2. Any player has a right to shuffle, the dealer last.

3. The hand ends immediately when any player goes out.

4. Any player who chooses to fold forfeits their ante.

5. A round ends when any player has no cards left.

6. Dungeons are put into play as an order by any player.

7. Either pile can be examined by any player at any time.

8. Thus any player who sees a blue hat can guess at once.

9. the first for any player on the team.

10. Each hand ends when any player plays their final card;

11. Indeed, any player may discard their hand in this way.

12. I have never known 'Dutch' to criticize any player.

13. Thus any player who sees a blue hat can guess at once.

14. of any player who never played Test cricket.

15. Alchemy, a new skill any player can learn;

16. The game ends if any player-controlled character dies.

17. Any player holding any of the bust cards has to fold.

18. However, any player may propose a draw at any time;

19. Just like any player, he can also play unconfidently."

20. Any player hit by a pie loses one of their two lives.

21. no action was taken against any player at the time.

22. any player who receives three will be declared dead.

23. Any player answering correctly earned $5,000.

24. "Hrkljuš" is any player who is out of the game.

25. Additionally, any player can revive a fallen teammate.

26. Any player hit by the rebounding ball is deemed "out."

27. He can make any player better."

28. Chris Gayle struck 16 sixes, maximum by any player.

29. However they cannot replace any player.

30. CSK have not traded any player in 2020.