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any kinds in a sentence

1. Individualist anarchism is a set of several traditions of thought within the anarchist movement that emphasise the individual and their will over any kinds of external determinants.

2. Hormones are ligands, which are any kinds of molecules that produce a signal by binding to a receptor site on a protein.

3. ... provided they be not iron instruments, wood used for construction, cordage, ships, and any kinds of armor."

4. Also, one may enter into any kinds of contracts in their new adopted name.

5. This has a similar effect of invalidating any kinds of endorsements that participants may make over the course of the experiment.

6. There are no weight classes in taido, because a taidoka must be able to fight against all and any kinds of opponents.

7. Kola men wear ankle-length patterns of checks, plaids or stripes "Longyi" in any kinds of color.

8. It functions as modern trousers do, but nowadays the term baji is commonly used in Korea for any kinds of pants.

9. 2. to expel and wash out bacteria and any kinds of small insects dangerous to body and health;

10. The Chinese were initially against setting any kinds of boundaries along the Amur River, preferring the status quo of keeping the adjacent territories under joint control of Russia and China.

11. Before the handover, they were not eligible for any kinds of PRC passports.

12. However, at sand festivals one may see virtually any kinds of sculptures you would expect to see in stone, bronze or wood.

13. The base comprises 9 companies for any kinds of troops.

14. In order to obtain any kinds of favorable positions pleas and petitions had to be made to the new authorities and land possessions and heritages had to be proven.

15. Also, one may enter into any kinds of contracts in their new adopted name.

16. Ching has got a different impression of Kat and the incident has once again reminded Kat of the curse and the potential danger of getting involved in any kinds of lawsuits.

17. as Mlechchas (barbarians) and forbids receiving any gifts from or eating the food of or having any kinds of contacts or connections with them.

18. In order to improve students’ learning and performance ability, they are required to take the periodic proficiency tests and any kinds of language tests with NTCU subsidization.

19. In October 2016, the Constitutional Court ruled that the regional Catalan Parliament did not have competence to ban any kinds of spectacle that are legal in Spain.

20. Zulu sheep are not used by the people of the KwaZulu-Natal for any kinds of rituals.

21. The anonymous message ends with a threat to the European government by saying that the group is willing to break down any kinds of rules and restrictions in order to put a stop to the project.

22. Each and every pupils may choose any kinds of sports, uniformed bodies and co-academics clubs and associations that suit their interest.

23. They also don't eat shellfish of any kinds.

24. [She can] organize any kinds of concerts at IB (Istana Budaya), [and] the results will be out of the ordinary."

25. On January 22, Wuhan MHC said that the city would have a random check on any private cars in and out of the city to see whether they carried any kinds of living poultry or wildlife.

26. Applications and software suppliers can not offer any kinds of services on this, only can be obtained by hard-workings of the company itself gradually.

27. This machine is an ideal paper cutter, widely applicable to any kinds of paper, leather product and other soft materials. Hua Long paper cutter is configurated to you business.

28. I never really believed in religion before, holding such belief that the worship of any kinds of supernatural power is just cliché and superstitiously wrong.

29. Instrumentalism can exist in any kinds of society, whereas teleology is an unique phenomenon under particular social condition.

30. The plan is not only suitable for the interconnection between X. 25 WAN and various LANs, but also applies to any kinds of interconnection network system using OSI_CLNP.