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any Grand Slam in a sentence

1. 1996 was a less successful year for Agassi, as he failed to reach any Grand Slam final.

2. Hewitt then played his 19th consecutive Australian Open appearance which is the fourth longest streak at any Grand Slam.

3. She was only the third Frenchwoman to reach any Grand Slam final during the Open Era.

4. however, he had not won any Grand Slam titles in the early years of his career.

5. The upset loss to Lopez meant that Roddick failed to reach the quarterfinals of any Grand Slam since the 2010 Australian open.

6. Before Alan Menken joined the group in 2020, Hamlisch had the most Oscars of any Grand Slam winners (three - all won in the same year).

7. Between 1964 and 2016, Jones received a total of 31 awards — the highest number of awards of any grand slam winner.

8. This was her earliest loss at Wimbledon, and at any Grand Slam in almost five years.

9. This was the longest championship run in history in any event at any Grand Slam tournament.

10. Since that time, no male player has equalled that feat at any Grand Slam tournament even once.

11. It was her first opening-round exit from any Grand Slam since making her professional debut at the 2007 French Open.

12. the last player in any Grand Slam event to earn such a record.

13. She has never advanced beyond the third round of any Grand Slam event in singles competition.

14. Noah’s win here also makes him the last player to win any Grand Slam tournament with a wooden racket.

15. Fusai never advanced beyond the singles third round of the main draw of any Grand Slam tournament.

16. It still remains as of 2018 the longest doubles match played at Wimbledon or at any Grand Slam tournament.

17. While he lost the match in 4 sets, this was the furthest he had progressed in any Grand Slam event to date.

18. It would be the last time that Ana Ivanovic would feature past the Round of 16 at any Grand Slam tournament until the 2012 US Open.

19. Ferland has not competed in any Grand Slam events since the 2012–13 season.

20. This was his career best in any Grand Slam event.

21. France also registered the lowest points total, 58, of any Grand Slam winner in the four point-try era (1972–92).

22. In 2017, the Soares/Murray duo dropped a little income, not obtaining any Grand Slam or Masters 1000 titles.

23. She also became the lowest-ranked US Open champion ever, and the fifth-lowest at any Grand Slam tournament.

24. Džumhur is also the first male player to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the main draw of any Grand Slam tournament.

25. It was the first time she lost in the first round of any Grand Slam since the 2005 US Open where she was the defending champion.

26. She did not qualify for any grand slam events.

27. Despite their success, they failed to get past the third round of any Grand Slam.

28. This made him the first Norwegian to qualify for any Grand Slam main draw in 17 years.

29. In the 2011-12 season, the team did not win any tour events, and did not make it to the playoffs in any Grand Slam events.

30. The total attendance for the event was about 40,000, a record for any Grand Slam event.