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anurans in a sentence

1. Some species of anurans hybridize readily.

2. However, opalines have been found in saltwater fish which have no access to anurans.

3. Some anurans will provide parental care towards their tadpoles.

4. Calling is postulated to be energetically costly to anurans in general.

5. its more than 5,000 different species make up over 96% of all living anurans.

6. Anurans can only regenerate their limbs during embryonic development.

7. Most anurans now externally fertilize.

8. Anurans are the amphibians lacking a tail such as frogs and toads.

9. The family Centrolenidae is a clade of anurans.

10. Both anurans and birds use singing in territorial displays to confer aggressive intent.

11. The ilia of Gastrophryne are very distinctive and different from other small anurans.

12. P. terribilis is considered to be one of the most intelligent anurans.

13. Salienta fossils are the earliest examples of anurans that show a split from Order Caudata.

14. This morphology demonstrates Dendrerpeton having a hearing system that mimics that of anurans.

15. These structures are present in the humerus of some frogs (anurans).

16. Anurans involve a diverse group of largely carnivorous, short-bodied, tailless amphibians.

17. He specialised in the paleontology of amphibians, especially anurans.

18. For example, birds chorus heavily at dawn and dusk while anurans call primarily at night;

19. Chelomophrynus is an extinct genus of prehistoric anurans in the family Rhinophrynidae.

20. These amphibians are anurans, of the family Pipidae.

21. Lucilia Silvarum is one of the two species of blowflies that causes myiasis in anurans.

22. Arciferal morphology is generally considered primitive for anurans.

23. For example, birds chorus heavily at dawn and dusk while anurans call primarily at night;

24. The turtle's diet includes anurans, tadpoles, invertebrates and carrion.

25. They are the only family of anurans all members of which are known as "toads".

26. Male anurans are more likely to attack a frog with higher frequency calls.

27. Anurans are external fertilizers so there is no sperm competition.

28. In anurans, 70% of polyandrous species exhibit paternal care.

29. It feeds primarily on fish but may also eat anurans and possibly crustaceans.

30. Studies have also been done in species less similar to humans, such as anurans and fish.