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No. sentence
1 The second mistaken view that one often hears is that emotion is antithetical to rationality.
2 One of the antithetical couplet, Han nationality traditional culture, also called couplets or pairs, is written on paper, cloth or carved in bamboo, wood, dual statement pillar.
3 Busyness is antithetical to creativity.
4 Trading on rumors, hunches or fears is antithetical to investing.
5 Spring Couplet is composed of two antithetical sentences on both sides of the door and a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription, usually an auspicious phrase, above the gate.
6 The epithet "romantic" and the antithetical terms "classic" and "romantic" are approximate labels which have long been in use .
7 Peace is not only antithetical to Lashkar's ideology, it also would make the group irrelevant to the Pakistani state.
8 And if the two are antithetical then it makes sense.
9 Oddly enough, modern science—so antithetical to angels—has made the world a more receptive place for them.
10 This antithetical couplet is my father's handwriting.
11 However, regardless of the loop's type, the order of execution matters, and this is antithetical to functional programming.
12 Some of this was protest voting. But a chunk reflects views deeply antithetical to all that the EU stands for.
13 That may have been necessary in the adolescent years of PCs, but it's antithetical to the way cloud computing is developing.
14 This is not to say that the end result must be a body of search-specific law, only to note that failing to consider the larger forces at work in search is antithetical to sensible policy-making.
15 Needless to say, this is antithetical to the search engine philosophy.
16 First, a fair number of rich folks there believe giving it away is antithetical to Chinese values — which stress family above all.
17 This early focus on detail leads to a rigidity that is antithetical to an iterative or adaptive approach.
18 Hasn't the valentine day to, what had to deliver well, delivers antithetical couplet.
19 So it seems antithetical to talk about habits in the same context as creativity and innovation.
20 because of the distastefulness of the message,” the brief said, “is antithetical to the First Amendment’s most basic precepts.”
21 couplet", also called "couplet" and "a pair of antithetical phrases", is a special form of literature in China.
22 Selling and indifference, though seemingly antithetical, aren't always so.
23 Eventually, through a smooth transition, he would like to see the ac power grid replaced by this more natural form of energy that is in harmony with life, not antithetical to it, as ac energy is.
24 First, the paper introduces the long development of history and the main characteristics of the antithetical couplet.
25 This is antithetical to the nuclear policies of any previous U.
26 Antithetical couplet antithesis neat, tonal harmony, the word is the sound of a Chinese language and unique art form.
27 A pair of antithetical words are a polysemous set; essentially it is of the same family of words.
28 descendant of Wang has preserved an antithetical couplet which is a costful material for the study on the history and the friendship of Yu and Wang.
29 This antithetical couplet hanging in the library was written by Lu Hsun.
30 antibiotic and sulfonamide antithetical couplet this sickness fragrant is originally invalid.