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No. sentence
1 As Nick, with his square-jawed, alpha-male insouciance, Ben Affleck is just the antithesis she's been looking for.
2 The current Holland team played in a style that was the antithesis of that last night and a disappointed Cruyff admits it saddened him to witness their thuggery.
3 For not the brand leader, a good positioning strategy is to do antithesis.
4 If impurity is associated with death, it makes sense that its antithesis, holiness, would be associated with life.
5 Some stories are overtly fiction, which is surely the antithesis of science writing.
6 was the antithesis of everything I understood about photography in early 2007 - that it had to be visual, it had to be pretty.
7 Critics attack video games as the antithesis of a fit lifestyle, but fitness video games offer America a rare opportunity to change their lifestyle for the better.
8 It is the antithesis of a boutique displaying luxury goods.
9 Perhaps the best that can be hoped for is a rapid shift from antithesis to Hegelian synthesis.
10 Having the application development team concerned with ORM is the antithesis of encapsulation and decoupling.
11 Aircruise was created as the antithesis of a hurried, crowded passenger jet.
12 It is the antithesis of Friedman's flat world.
13 Specificity is the antithesis of verbosity When in doubt, confusticate (confuse people).
14 This malicious feature is known as Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) (see DefectiveByDesign.org) and is the antithesis in spirit of the freedom that free software aims to provide.
15 Zalasiewicz and his colleagues believe that adopting the concept of the Anthropocene could do away with the old antithesis between man and nature.
16 Debate is the antithesis, because in debate the lines are drawn, the premises largely unexplored, the points of view attacked and defended.
17 antithesis is holism, which recognizes that the whole is often more than the sum of its parts.
18 Instead, they are trained in the use of drugs and procedures as the principal means to health, the antithesis of using food as the principal means to health.
19 colors that were the antithesis of the pretty pinks of the recent "girlie" era.
20 Singapore’s approach is the antithesis of laissez-faire. Broadlyspeaking, it has kept a tight rein on domestic finance and done what it couldto induce international firms to come.
21 The antithesis of Greta Garbo, Ms. Taylor was now a star whose private life completely overshadowed her film career.
22 Boxing's two most gifted and stylish performers, in their prime the antithesis of the brute fighter, ended up indistinguishable from the broken-down old pugs they were sure they'd never become.
23 The powerful impulse for co-operation is materialism based on rapid economic development: the antithesis of Tagore’s invocation.
24 ple, the “slowfood” movement, which encourages the longer, savory experience of eating agradually cooked meal at a restaurant, has emerged as the antithesis tofast food.
25 But while dressing in the same way may be, in some respects, the antithesis of fashion, uniforms are also subject to change over time.
26 Ideal reality is not necessarily critical and negative, utopia has always emerged as the antithesis of reality.
27 In fact journalism in many ways is the antithesis of the "Here Comes Everybody" - Clay Shirky's good phrase - deluge of raw material that new social media deliver.
28 Private property, as the antithesis to social, collective property, exists only where the means of labor and the external conditions of labor belong to private individuals.
29 The antithesis of all this is selfishness, which is outstandingly the greatest world-wide vice.
30 Smallness is the antithesis of largeness.