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1 The results show that the poor anti - fuzzing and anti-pilling performance of milk protein knitted fabric is due to good wear resistance performance, which cause pills drop slowly.
2 Several brands of anti wrinkle cream have come out in the market since the quest of rejuvenating started.
3 To help prevent early aging, anti wrinkle cream is created to erase that old age mark.
4 But there is one thing that both the anti - and pro-soy camps seem to agree on: Fermented soy is good for you.
5 However, to be assured that the product that you use is really effective in wrinkle removal, you should be aware of the essential ingredients every anti wrinkle cream must have.
6 This paper discussed in detail the design and application experience of the axial blower control, including anti surge control, anti chocked flow control and charge control ect.
7 of Chinese navy special force carry out an anti pirate drill on the deck of DDG-171 Haikou destroyer in Sanya, capital of South China\s Hainan Province, on Dec. 25, 2008.
8 The fabric is made of polyester sweater knit rib with anti pilling fleece back with ribbed knit cuffs that keep the sleeves from riding upwards.
9 But they all thought he was, at his core, anti business.
10 you pay careful attention in doing the right anti aging steps for your face?
11 By doing this, you automatically instill an anti quitting mechanism within yourself, because you know you will find the answer.
12 interest in the Cartesian circle, the reason why it's discussed so much by the scholars is not just anti cohering interest in Descartes arguments it's a much more general point.
13 Resistance Against Japan, Wu Yuzhang, one of the proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation, made remarkable contributions to Anti Japan National United Front.
14 Conclusion: Wenxin Keli has the function of anti arrhythmia obviously and it is safe in usage.
15 Thus the way of contemporary art transmission combined with the practice of art creation of anti modernism in Chengdu Biennale.
16 Contact, can be very good habit of foundation deformation; can absorb the energy from the external dynamic load, with excellent seismic function and anti shock ability.
17 I am anti - to pour to be unlikely so extreme, but also really think a lot of womans who get married behind all changed shape.
18 Web site to remove some anti - reprint articles garbled interference.
19 Myosin, Light Chain Kinase, Clone: K36, Mab anti.
20 So, the whole concept of anti aging is a bit of a misnomer.
21 Today we pick up our first armed escort, alarmingly called the terrorist squad. I am hoping a simple typo has omitted the word "anti" from their shirts.
22 Class III anti - arrhythmic drugs (such as amiodarone) act ia prolongation of the action potential.
23 Moistened flakes are heated to inactivate the anti nutritional factors.
24 black food has burnable fat and enhances immunity dint, anti - decrepitude, purify to wait various effects inside the body, make girl's son very adoring.
25 internal circuit, the lamp is designed to prevent overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection device and the switch function of anti misoperation.
26 No matter what a bad look it turns out to have, the physically felt and verbalized steps of focusing arc clearly anti relievingly different from the circumstantial orbit.
27 Founded in the mid 80's, SIDEP specializes in the manufacture and sales of EAS (electronic Article Surveillance) products and electronic systems also known as anti shoplifting or anti theft devices.
28 Aim To observe anti - inflammation of thalidomide and its effect on immunity.
29 One Birmingham student has already used new media to drive the message home by developing her own anti drink driving podcast.
30 Like the pork pie, black pudding is a great divider with the anti camp's regular squeals of "you know it's made with blood don't you?"