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another windmill in a sentence

1. (However, Napoleon had in fact engineered the sale of Boxer to the knacker, allowing him and his inner circle to acquire money to buy whisky for themselves.) Years pass, the windmill is rebuilt, and another windmill is constructed, which makes the farm a good amount of income.

2. Another windmill is recorded on Atwick Road in 1732, and in 1820–21 a new windmill was built – by 1909 it was steam operated.

3. The ship carried materials for a government windmill which Lucas was to erect in Sydney, and he was allowed to carry materials for another windmill for himself.

4. Another windmill was built in stone during the 18th century: the Moulin du Vieox-Fief, which demonstrated a certain degree of opulence of the corporation of millers at the time.

5. A windmill was shown on a map of 1832, located in Mill Hill Field, where two footpaths cross, (grid reference SK668616) and another windmill shown north of Eakring Brail Wood (grid reference SK662614).

6. Another windmill was built in 1841 and burnt down on 17 December 1847.

7. In 1868, it was moved again to its current position, joining another windmill which became known as the Old Mill.

8. The foredune had coastal windmills, some are preserved including the Luisa Dacosta windmill, a famous landmark, and another windmill was currently recovered.

9. Once there, he set up another windmill which was completed in 1832.

10. Some time during the 1790s, another windmill, known as Store Kongens Mølle (English: Large King's Mill), was built on Shacks Bastion on the other side of the Western City Gate.

11. Another windmill, used collectively by the smaller farmers, was located east of the village.

12. The mill was in regular use until the 1980s when the family De Jong took another windmill, Sint Jan, in use, located in Hoogeind in Veldhoven.

13. another windmill dunk by Ross, this time successful (after his asking for it) and two flops O'Neal made during his career (after "Best Actor" winner Marcus Smart accepted the award but implied that O'Neal flopped some times himself as a player).

14. Another windmill located a few hundred meters further is often confused with Ruisdael's. This confusion was created when Hofstede de Groot in 1911 wrote about the painting: "The Rhine flows from the left distance, filling almost the whole foreground except for a strip of the right-hand bank which is seen in front.