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1 According to another tale, Apollo killed them with a trick.
2 Another tale relates that a man named Nireus, who fell in love with the cult statue of Athena, came to the rock and jumped in order relieve himself.
3 Another tale claims that as a young child, Washington chopped down his father's cherry tree.
4 The Jumilhac papyrus recounts another tale where Anubis protected the body of Osiris from Set.
5 Another tale from the conflict is of the dog of Marathon.
6 Another tale features a pelican and a griffin debating church corruption, with the pelican taking a position of protest akin to John Wycliffe's ideas.
7 Another tale says that Miaoshan never died, but was in fact transported by a supernatural tiger, believed to be the Deity of the Place, to Fragrant Mountain.
8 Another tale is that because of his large mouth, he was nicknamed "satchel mouth" which was shortened to "Satchmo".
9 Another tale tells of a man named Wu Liang (later corrupted to Wu Long, or Oolong) who discovered oolong tea by accident when he was distracted by a deer after a hard day's tea-picking, and by the time he remembered to return to the tea it had already started to oxidize.
10 Another tale recorded by Porphyry claims that, as Pythagoras's enemies were burning the house, his devoted students laid down on the ground to make a path for him to escape by walking over their bodies across the flames like a bridge.
11 Elissa narrates another tale of censure.
12 Lauretta narrates another tale about Bruno and Buffalmacco and their practical jokes.
13 Pliny the Elder likewise recounts another tale of lycanthropy.
14 The submarine motif reappeared in George Griffith's science fiction novel, The Stolen Submarine (1904), although in this case it is a French super-submarine which its developer sells to the Russians for use against the Japanese in another tale of international intrigue.
15 After the success of The Red Badge of Courage, Crane wrote another tale set in the Bowery.
16 Another tale is that it was created during Qing Dynasty premier Li Hongzhang's visit to the United States in 1896 by his chef, who tried to create a meal suitable for both Chinese and American palates.
17 In another tale a Norwegian maid decided to eat the porridge herself, and ended up severely beaten by the nisse.
18 Another tale credited Keaton, an inveterate punster, with suggesting that Arbuckle become a director under the alias "Will B. Good".
19 The story 'Il matrimonio di Zio Paperone' ("Uncle Scrooge's Wedding"), created by Massimo DeVita (art) and Elisa Penna (story) tells another tale about the origins of Rockerduck's wealth and his rivalry with Scrooge.
20 In another tale Aengus falls in love with a girl he sees in his dreams.
21 Another tale relates the fate of the only son of "White Buan," here identified as a male.
22 The Brahma Purana narrates another tale where a rakshasa (demon) named Sindhusena defeated the gods and took the sacrifice to the netherworld Rasatala.
23 Another tale from North India also talks about Parvati's jealousy.
24 Sanibel also appears in another tale, this one involving Gaspar's ally-turned-rival Black Caesar, said to have been a former Haitian slave who escaped during the Haitian Revolution to become a pirate.
25 When a Shadow story ended, another tale would begin in the same issue.
26 Another tale says he was so attractive that angels and men often compared him with the Buddha.
27 Another tale is that the recipe was learnt by Spanish prisoners captured after the Battle of Montes Claros during the Portuguese Restoration War in 1665.
28 In December 2011, Shueisha announced Watsuki would be putting his current series, Embalming -The Another Tale of Frankenstein-, on hold to begin a "reboot" of Rurouni Kenshin, called Rurouni Kenshin Cinema Version (るろうに剣心 -キネマ版-, Rurouni Kenshin Cinema-ban), as a tie-in to the live-action movie.
29 Another tale has it being entrusted to and then misappropriated by Judas.
30 In another tale, Newton is said to have claimed that the dog discovered two theorems in a single morning.