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another mechanism in a sentence

1. Another mechanism is the modification of surface geometry.

2. Another mechanism of physical sputtering is called "heat spike sputtering".

3. This interaction is another mechanism of enzyme regulation.

4. Another mechanism to regulate this pathways as PTH does is by estrogen.

5. Another mechanism is through oxygen sensitive potassium channels.

6. Gravitational radiation is another mechanism of orbital decay.

7. Another mechanism involves a change in the hair cycle.

8. Another mechanism of destabilization is ostwald ripening.

9. Another mechanism that closes the critical period is myelination.

10. Another mechanism is their rather large mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth.

11. After which another mechanism sets it and delivers a piping-hot meal.

12. Another mechanism of facilitation is a reduced risk of being eaten.

13. Another mechanism for proof automation is proof search action in emacs mode.

14. Proteosome caused defected degradation is another mechanism.

15. Receptor editing is another mechanism for B cell tolerance.

16. Another mechanism is inducing apoptosis of memory-effector T lymphocytes.

17. Another mechanism employed by bacteria is referred to as CRISPR.

18. Another mechanism for exogenous Daxx import involves CRM1.

19. Another mechanism of physical sputtering is called "heat spike sputtering".

20. Insulin also can cause postprandial somnolence via another mechanism.

21. Spores are another mechanism that is utilised as a method of reproduction;

22. Another mechanism involves meiosis.

23. Then, another mechanism would be used to isolate them and deactivate them.

24. Source monitoring errors is another mechanism underlying memory conformity.

25. This is another mechanism of phosphor degradation.

26. Another mechanism for input-specific long-term potentiation is temporal.

27. Another mechanism is the cell-wide redistribution of synaptic weight.

28. Accepting and living on aid is yet another mechanism to perpetuate poverty.

29. Since the mid-1960s another mechanism of recruitment started to operate.

30. Lymphocyte trapping is another mechanism of action of oil adjuvants.