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No. sentence
1 The large, anonymous crowds in which we now teem began with the agricultural revolution, and without agriculture we could survive in only a tiny fraction of our current numbers.
2 every Wicket application source code you will find anonymous inner classes.
3 Some say Bitcoins are being used to buy illegal drugs online via shadowy markets that exploit both the effectively untraceable Bitcoins and the anonymous way they can be traded.
4 On the edge of Lake Geneva, upstairs in an anonymous building, a specialist carefully manipulates a tiny scrap of papyrus into its proper place, and part of an ancient sentence is restored.
5 We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for independent sources around the world to leak information to our journalists.
6 For those worried about using it, the developers insist that they have built in enough security to enable users to remain anonymous.
7 But instead of accepting what is obvious to everyone else, the producers of Anonymous offer us an alternative Bard - the willowy Edward DE Vere, Earl of Oxford.
8 Each chunk is executed as the body of an anonymous function.
9 Luke knows that the first people who took the message to Gentiles were probably just anonymous followers of Jesus, because in the source it's there.
10 code in Listing 1 would be much neater if the anonymous class was placed separately as an inner class.
11 Susan Peabody, love addiction counselor, author of "Addiction to Love" and co-founder of Love Addicts Anonymous, said Fisher's study is among the most groundbreaking studies on the chemistry of love.
12 training program included instructions in how to make an anonymous death threat to a journalist, smear an antagonistic clergyman, forge phony newspaper clips, plan and execute burglaries.
13 But it said that it could not locate users based on the file on the phone, and that it collected the information in an anonymous and encrypted form.
14 But though the Kid's moral maturation is heartening, his personality remains largely a cipher, as anonymous as his lack of a name.
15 other new publishing APIs in Listing 2 all pertain to the relationships that a particular publisher created and owns and are not accessible through anonymous inquiry.
16 This function returns an anonymous visitor function that will jump to the next node if the node is not of the correct type.
17 An essay spreading on Internet forums and purportedly written by an anonymous chengguan says his profession has been scorned to the point that he can't carry out his work.
18 Other roles you create cannot differentiate between anonymous users and authenticated users, so some auditing of permissions for these essential roles is likely warranted.
19 Police in Guangzhou received an anonymous phone call at 7 PM, saying there was a bomb aboard China Southern Airlines' flight 3912, en route from Urumqi to Guangzhou.
20 By design, closures are anonymous functions, which means they do not appear in the reflection API.
21 In this case, you used an anonymous inline function, also known as a closure.
22 When a closure "captures" a variable it "lifts" the variable out of its local scope and effectively moves it into an anonymous object.
23 This allows for anonymous recursive functions.
24 The latest rumours of its possible sighting come from an abstract that was posted by an anonymous commenter on mathematician Peter Woit's blog on Thursday.
25 For instance, anonymous resources (AKA blank nodes) may need to be transmitted as part of descriptions, and by definition they have no proper identifier.
26 She said the hint had come from an anonymous - but impeccable - royal contact.
27 In some cases, teachers have had to defend themselves against allegations of misconduct from schools following the anonymous Posting of classroom videos that they were not even aware had been filmed.
28 Participants were paired at random and seated in front of a computer, physically removed from their anonymous partner.
29 Now you see how to differentiate anonymous content from protected content.
30 To escape, Franny has seized on a religious classic called the Way of a Pilgrim, in which an anonymous Russian peasant tells how he roamed the land first learning, and then teaching, the Jesus Prayer.