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anodic in a sentence

1. Fuel cells rely on catalysts for both the anodic and cathodic reactions.

2. Anodic etching has been used in industrial processes for over a century.

3. This causes the passivation of steel at the anodic oxidation sites.

4. Electrons flow from the anodic areas into the electrolyte as the metal corrodes.

5. In this way, these metaloxo anions act as anodic corrosion inhibitors.

6. The anodic layer is insulative.

7. The weak point remains and the anodic corrosion is ongoing.

8. The first commercial anodic automotive system began operations in 1963.

9. There are two types of EPD processes, anodic and cathodic.

10. The pit is anodic and the locus of rapid dissolution of the metal.

11. The reason for the two compartment cell is to separate cathodic and anodic reaction.

12. Corrosion will occur at the area of low-oxygen concentration, which are anodic.

13. A critical anodic potential seems to provide maximum power output.

14. 4,681,666 Planarization of a layer of metal and anodic aluminum.

15. The ratio of the surface areas between the cathodic and anodic region is significant.

16. Another architecture is a periodic grouping of anodic and cathodic poles.

17. The cathodic current is balanced by the anodic current.

18. Differing coefficients of thermal expansion pose challenges for anodic bonding.

19. Anodic corrosion during the reaction can disintegrate the aluminium.

20. Technology for the anodic oxidation of stainless steel was developed too in 1957.

21. In 2014 a demonstration device was made from a ceramic sheet made of anodic aluminum.

22. Anodic stripping voltammetry can detect μg/L concentrations of analyte.

23. It's based on the theory of sticky fluid film and the action of anodic passivation.

24. An anodic dissolution fast, zinc concentration, cause increased production breakdown.

25. The model for the distribution of gas and anodic uniform in space.

26. Tin-zinc alloy deposit is anodic coating to iron and steel.

27. patterned anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) template was fabricated by UV-photolithography.

28. METHOD:Solubility mercury was measured by anodic stripping voltammetric (ASV) method.

29. nanopowders were prepared successfully by method of anodic arc discharging plasma.

30. Furthermore, the emulsion technology used in anodic cyanation is discussed in detail.