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No. sentence
1 He saw you and I.
2 He sucked at his cigar and then agreed with what I said.
3 They took up arms and fought for their faith and liberty.
4 She took a pear and bit into it.
5 The teacher divided the class and took one section to the library and left the other to write an article.
6 He opened his schoolbag and took out a notebook.
7 He opened the drawer and took out a cheque.
8 He carefully stripped away the transparent paper and took out a valuable stamp.
9 I bundled up those books and took them to the post.
10 He hefted his right arm and took away a gun from the bookshelf.
11 Those men took you away from me . . . and they hurt you.
12 He took the apple and bit down.
13 He saw the guest out and took up his work again.
14 We say of an apple that it is round and red.
15 She doctors her children for colds and stomachaches.
16 In that case he and she must have plotted this together.
17 We all desire happiness and health.
18 He betrayed his party and country.
19 This wheel engages with that wheel and turns it.
20 my teacher I dedicate this dictionary in token of affection and gratitude.
21 The lakes and Wells all dried up during the drought.
22 The money I owed him and that he owes me cancel each other out.
23 His ideas and mine jump together on this issue.
24 Prices of fruit and vegetables have gone up.
25 They contributed food and clothing for the refugees.
26 We battled with our enemies and defeated them.
27 If you can use a word correctly and effectively, you comprehend it.
28 Beef up this report with some figures and facts.
29 We should parent children with both love and discipline.
30 She creamed and sugared her coffee.