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No. sentence
1 The violent anarchy that has taken hold of British cities is the all-too-predictable outcome of a three-decade liberal experiment which tore up virtually every basic social value.
2 This does not mean chaos and anarchy.
3 He believed that the government was purposely creating a fear of anarchy merely to justify its first taxes on rural area farmars.
4 That bout of anarchy went down poorly with Bangkokians, including the so-called silent majority.
5 Mr Butterworth sent to Mr Rylance the first draft of a play called "Jerusalem", about anarchy and authority.
6 A failed state, where clans and warlords have torn the territory to shreds, is after 15 years of anarchy at last offered the chance of order, unity and stable rule.
7 In parts of the north Caucasus, where the train bombings seem to have been planned, signs of anarchy and civil war have been evident for some time.
8 With 70 players having been used in qualifying the general air of chaos and tactical anarchy is only heightened by talk of divisions in the camp.
9 Some fear that Yemen could now join nearby Somalia in a zone of violent anarchy straddling one of the world's main shipping lanes.
10 Ignore it, and possibly face a kind of climate anarchy.
11 They analysed 246 different links in the road network thatcould be used for the journey and calculated traffic flows at different volumesto produce what they call a “price of anarchy” (POA).
12 Doyle's true theme was division: between order and anarchy, reason and emotion, the material and the spiritual.
13 great Sovietization of theworld’s digital printing presses, acontraction of a glorious anarchy ofexpression into a regimentedworldof expensive and narrow venues for art.
14 He says an extreme solar storm could fire a catastrophic electromagnetic pulse at Earth, crash the power grid, and thereby trigger anarchy.
15 It seemed to be some sort of knee-jerk reaction to tradition, throwing away the controls and standards in favor of anarchy.
16 But in many parts of the world, in the Hobbesian anarchy of irregular war, with ill-disciplined private armies or militias, these norms carry little weight.
17 whole of the monarchy is contained in the lounger; the whole of anarchy in the gamin.
18 Idealism led him to philosophic anarchy, and his family threw him off.
19 After 1996, says Wadah Khanfar, al-Jazeera's (Palestinian) director-general, "everything exploded"; the Arab world entered a period of "cognitive anarchy".
20 But the anarchy and openness that makes Tsukiji (roughly pronounced "skee-gee") such a magical place is under threat.
21 But who said unconventionality equals anarchy?
22 The protesters support many disparate causes, from bank nationalisation to anarchy and animal rights.
23 Such methods look outdated now. Governments are not the only things that networked "anarchy" threatens.
24 Republican Ron Paul had a different problem: Internet anarchy.
25 By definition, anarchy is harder to propagate than rigid Leninism.
26 Anarchy reigned for many years.
27 He is fascinated by “the turbulence and anarchy of the Arab world,” he says, although he is now “bearing the consequences of that ill-discipline.”
28 Libya, which exports 1.6 million barrels of oil a day (1.8% of world consumption), could fall into anarchy was enough to spook oil traders.
29 Tirana is in total anarchy.
30 In the greater part of France there was liturgical anarchy.