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anarchist theory in a sentence

1. Mutualism is an 18th-century economic theory that was developed into anarchist theory by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

2. Its diversity has led to widely different uses of identical terms among different anarchist traditions which has created a number of definitional concerns in anarchist theory.

3. On the subject of individualist anarchist theory, he publisheds Anarchism in 1968 during his exile in Mexico from Franco's dictatorship in Spain.

4. Powell begins the content of his book discussing anarchy and anarchist theory.

5. The movement and the style were an attempt to drive "harmonious" vision from modern science, anarchist theory, and late 19th-century debate around the value of academic art.

6. Since employers are generally categorised as rulers in political sociology and always in anarchist theory, anarchists do not associate anarcho-capitalism with anarchist thought.

7. Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the house journal of the IAS;

8. In 2004, The New Formulation: An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books merged with Perspectives on Anarchist Theory.

9. and political philosophy (with an emphasis on libertarian/anarchist theory)".

10. Paul Feyerabend's anarchist theory popularized the notion of counterinduction.

11. Graham is also the author of many articles on the history of anarchist ideas and contemporary anarchist theory.

12. It documents anarchist theory and ideas and argues in favor of social anarchism.

13. He also writes and speaks extensively on anarchist theory.

14. Morse was the editor of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory and taught at the Institute for Social Ecology.

15. She draws upon anarchist theory as well as Quechua and Aymara cosmologies.

16. At the time anarchist theory was being intensely debated.

17. Call also holds the position of Associate Editor of Anarchist Studies, an international journal of anarchist theory.

18. Call has attempted to develop post-anarchist theory through the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, rejecting the Cartesian concept of the "subject".

19. Each issue contains essays on current anarchist theory, anarchist history, an exchange of hot topics, as well as one or two book reviews.

20. CIRA has as its aim the collection of all materials relevant to anarchist theory.

21. It investigates the essential characteristics of anarchist theory, which holds that government and hierarchy are undesirable forms of social organisation.

22. Another significant factor in the intellectual climate of the book's release was the rediscovery in the 1990s of anarchist theory within academia.

23. Anarchy Alive!: Anti-Authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory is a book by Uri Gordon that investigates anarchist theory and practice.

24. The ideas of the book later became the basis of libertarian and anarchist theory, and the work is now considered a classic of anarchist philosophy.

25. Lewis Call and Michel Onfray have also attempted to develop post-anarchist theory through the work of Friedrich Nietzsche.

26. This shows how more recent theories have taken relevance within insurrectionary anarchist theory along the egoist anarchism of Max Stirner.

27. Post-anarchism is articulated by Saul Newman as a theoretical move towards a synthesis of classical anarchist theory and poststructuralist thought.

28. The May Pamphlet was Goodman's most significant contribution to anarchist theory.

29. Although Escobar does not identify as an anarchist, she cites anarchist theory and philosophy as the framework for her political beliefs.

30. Anarchist criminology is a school of thought in criminology that draws on influences and insights from anarchist theory and practice.