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an experience in a sentence

1. That they were that joyous an experience.

2. It's quite an experience."

3. It was definitely an experience!"

4. It was a hell of an experience.

5. This was not an experience.

6. an experience that shaped his life.

7. It is an experience.

8. A dream is an experience during sleep.

9. But what an experience.

10. I was trying to create an experience;

11. an experience".

12. Quite an experience.

13. Experience, however, is not an experience.

14. An experience is individual and singular;

15. It’s an experience beyond education.

16. an experience he referred to as "strange."

17. The film is an experience;

18. It also removed an experience level cap.

19. It’s been quite an experience.

20. I consider myself an experience."

21. It was quite an experience.

22. An experience 6 years in the making."

23. it's an experience."

24. Anyway, it was an experience.

25. This song is an experience."

26. He sucks his audience into an experience.

27. It was quite an experience" Capt.

28. It was quite an experience.

29. It was quite an experience.

30. Atlantics pulls you into an experience.