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an embrace in a sentence

1. He then placed his hand on her breast during an embrace.

2. and (4) an embrace of direct action tactics.

3. On one occasion, Fred discovered the pair in an embrace.

4. Locked in an embrace, they are discovered by the choleric Mrs.

5. an embrace of minimalism;

6. Belcore returns to see Nemorino and Adina in an embrace.

7. Georgie and John discuss reconciling and share an embrace.

8. They express their true love with an embrace and kiss.

9. They share an embrace.

10. They share an embrace.

11. They share an embrace.

12. Laura moves to comfort Kitty with an embrace.

13. Flint and Alexia share an embrace as they fly away.

14. The two end the argument in an embrace.

15. Later, she watches as Jason and Robin share an embrace.

16. Images of Hu Tianbao show him in an embrace with another man.

17. They end in an embrace.

18. after sharing an embrace "just for old time's sake" –

19. They are reunited in an embrace and the film ends.

20. It's been just great my Pippa," Philbin told her in an embrace.

21. and (4) an embrace of direct action tactics.

22. The painting depicts two anthropomorphic rats in an embrace.

23. The movie ends with Surya in an embrace with Sailaja.

24. Radha then walks in, catching Chando and Kishan in an embrace.

25. Its central theme is an embrace of empathy across difference.

26. On the cover is a soldier and mother in an embrace.

27. the lover had never shuddered under such an embrace.

28. Their bodies were found three days later, locked in an embrace.

29. The two weep together in an embrace as the film ends.

30. Don Corleone greeted the baker with an embrace.