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an egalitarian society in a sentence

1. Prabhakaran described his political philosophy as "revolutionary socialism", with the goal of creating an "egalitarian society".

2. In general, it promotes an egalitarian society in which people are not discriminated against on the basis of race.

3. The League of the Just had been formed in 1837 in France to promote an egalitarian society through the overthrow of the existing governments.

4. Inspired by the resolve to protect our national and political unity and solidarity by creating an egalitarian society through a new order;

5. Traditionally, the San were an egalitarian society.

6. The party further posits that such an egalitarian society is impossible within capitalism, which "unleashes domination and hatred".

7. An egalitarian society emerges.

8. The Bambuti are an egalitarian society in which the band is the highest form of social organization.

9. Late seventeenth century accounts of the Miskito describe them as an "egalitarian society" that was "sparsely populated."

10. There is a desire to develop an egalitarian society and measures are taken to reach this goal.

11. The site of Okolište would likely have been an egalitarian society with no evidence of social stratification.

12. In the latter book, Tawney argues for an egalitarian society.

13. Luira phanit, the seed sowing festival is the major festival.The Tangkhuls are an egalitarian society.

14. Today's Skolian Empire is an egalitarian society, but the original Ruby Empire was a matriarchy and remnants of this still remain in Skolian culture.

15. The unrestricted flow of general information is an essential pre-requisite for an egalitarian society."

16. This community was an attempt to escape the hostile environment, not to create an egalitarian society.

17. It was a unique socio spiritual revolution to establish an egalitarian society.

18. Others view Chaco as an egalitarian society, with an economy driven by its function as the region's ceremonial center.

19. and for striving to create an egalitarian society.

20. Ball realizes that in the nineteenth century his hopes for an egalitarian society have yet to be fulfilled.

21. The Sakuddei live in south-central Siberut in an egalitarian society, cut off from the outside world.

22. one led by Ronaldo who envisions an egalitarian society with no distinctions between individuals;

23. Instead, he chose to use Singh, which reflects the spiritual belief in an egalitarian society where all enjoy equitable access to rights and justice.

24. It calls for political restructuring as a basis for enhancing Nigeria's unity and building an egalitarian society.

25. Instead, it became the only possible political system in an egalitarian society.

26. In this way, the movement fights for an egalitarian society with specific political demands.

27. In this book, Foigny utilizes Utopia to describe an egalitarian society without government and people without the need of religion.

28. He rejected the myth that kemalism was the source of an egalitarian society.

29. On his death bed Faust writes a Manifesto of an egalitarian society, later compared to the Communist Manifesto.

30. They are an egalitarian society so you can't just talk to the village head, you've got to talk to everyone.