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an anthem in a sentence

1. Walton set it to music as an anthem for mixed choir;

2. Hunter said "it became an anthem for Pigpen".

3. That's like an anthem for all metalheads.

4. The pair wanted to create an anthem.

5. An anthem Parry composed with the Rev.

6. We tried for an anthem.

7. And that became an anthem around town.

8. But it really is an anthem first and foremost.

9. Doone and Hoolihan decide to have an anthem run.

10. "Pal" became an anthem &

11. The song became an anthem that appealed to many fans.

12. It has been considered an "anthem" of dance music.

13. An anthem, A Song of Praise, followed in 1923.

14. its lyrics became an anthem for high school boys.

15. This song has become an anthem in Atlanta's gay scene.

16. This song is an anthem of redemption.

17. The congregation then sung an anthem.

18. An anthem was commissioned for the corps.

19. The song became an "anthem of dissent."

20. An anthem was sung by the choir.

21. an anthem book;

22. An anthem song was set to tunes by Prakash Nikki.

23. It's more of an anthem."

24. the poem became an anthem of the movement in Sweden.

25. The song become an anthem for the World Wildlife Fund.

26. An anthem was never heard except on festive occasions;

27. In 2015 and 2016 an anthem was released for the event.

28. an anthem is composed for the occasion.

29. ‘I did it as an anthem for the people.

30. The Fader called it an "anthem".