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an animal hospital in a sentence

1. After killing several other targets, the T-X locates Kate and John at an animal hospital, where Kate works.

2. Shinjiro is a veterinarian and works at an animal hospital in Nerima, Tokyo.

3. The agents rushed Buddy to an animal hospital where he was pronounced dead.

4. Jack ends up working in an animal hospital in Ahmedabad.

5. An animal hospital, administrative buildings, and the Children's Zoo (opened in 1962) were also added.

6. In August 2012, thieves stole 26 metal cages from an animal hospital in Kibworth, Leicestershire.

7. An animal hospital was located on-site for the zoo's inhabitants, and was also open to the public.

8. Chandler rescued the dog from an animal hospital.

9. Today that building, after restoration, is an animal hospital.

10. An animal hospital, elephant barn, and a 10,000-pound (4,500 kg) freezer—to store meat for the big cats—were also constructed.

11. It consists of a very up-to-date facility of 100,000 sq m which will also accommodate an animal Hospital and a Sanitary Dog Kennel.

12. The zoo opened the Feline House in 1964, a Giraffe House in 1966, and an Animal Hospital in 1969.

13. After several months, he accidentally runs over a stray dog and, panicked, takes it to an animal hospital.

14. The Park has a long tradition of breeding native animals and also includes an animal hospital for sick, injured and orphaned animals.

15. He had to recover the first year of his life in an animal hospital.

16. Macon is pursued by Muriel Pritchet (Geena Davis), an animal hospital employee and dog trainer with a sickly son.

17. Dusit Zoo also contained an animal hospital, zoo museum, and educational center.

18. He takes several jobs (janitor, employee in an animal hospital, street cleaner, extra in a theatrical play,...) which all disastrously go wrong.

19. This village has an animal hospital for treatment of injured animals.

20. The game is about an animal hospital, and the player is a veterinarian, with an optional name.

21. One day, unknown to Kathie, Bill is hit by a truck and taken to an animal hospital.

22. In 1929, an animal hospital joined the MSPCA's Springfield location, but closed in 2007 due to economic circumstances.

23. Syed. Sidh hosts five Mosques, a post office, an animal hospital, shops, a mill and many schools.

24. The village has its own government hospital as well as a private hospital, and an animal hospital for rural nearby villages.

25. In the village, there is an animal hospital, primary health center, post office, senior secondary boys &

26. In October 2016, Sutter became gravely ill and underwent treatment at an animal hospital in the Sacramento area.

27. In 1950 the Launceston branch sought funding for an animal hospital.

28. A primary health care centre, an animal hospital, banks, ATMs, a police station and petrol station are available.

29. Addie, Rufus and Katie go to an animal hospital to aid in the care of injured and sick animals.

30. Cowlam’s first vet job was at an animal hospital in Kent, doing shift work.