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an alarm in a sentence

1. when it does what an alarm will ensue!

2. Only a few possess an alarm call.

3. He won alone, winning an alarm clock.

4. An alarm rings out in the monastery.

5. An alarm circuit is an unconditioned pair.

6. It is used as an alarm or warning.

7. Such an event initiates an alarm signal.

8. Males may snort, possibly as an alarm call.

9. When an alarm goes off, they prepare to part.

10. An alarm klaxon begins to sound.

11. An alarm goes off and he disappears.

12. After grabbing the flute, an alarm goes off.

13. An alarm fuse would stop thieves.

14. A larum is an alarm signal "to arms!"

15. An alarm clock pops out and rings;

16. It utters a sharp click as an alarm call.

17. Kirk and Robbie set off an alarm.

18. The students raised an alarm once more.

19. An alarm system became optional.

20. In the packet is an alarm clock.

21. This will trigger an alarm and alert the crew.

22. One day, an alarm sounds, and the guards flee;

23. On Julstjärnan an alarm sounds.

24. it also comes with an alarm.

25. I've never gotten up without an alarm clock.

26. An alarm is raised.

27. Raising an alarm puts his life in danger.

28. An alarm came through a few minutes later.

29. Once a leak is detected an alarm will sound.

30. Sell your wristwatch and buy an alarm clock.