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an additional challenge in a sentence

1. As an additional challenge, the author has hidden a picture of himself as a child in every picture.

2. Advanced divers can check out Ringbolt Rapids, where swift water makes for an additional challenge.

3. Revolutionary movements of 1849 faced an additional challenge: to work together to defeat a common enemy.

4. If the set produced a tiebreaker, each player was given an additional challenge.

5. As an additional challenge, some members of the squad were unable to join the team for practices due to WNBA commitments.

6. Players were allowed three challenges per set, with an additional challenge allowed for tiebreaks.

7. Advanced divers can check out Ringbolt Rapids, where swift water makes for an additional challenge.

8. Icy floors and slime colored ramps offer an additional challenge to the player.

9. Interconnecting with existing Anchorage freeways and other arteries presents an additional challenge.

10. Starting with the 2005 Edition each card lists an additional challenge threezer along with the other categories.

11. The solution to the cipher confirms the answer to the puzzle and offers an additional challenge to the reader.

12. An additional challenge requires designers to incorporate all of the fabric purchased into the outfit.

13. This season also featured an additional challenge where the two teams competed over possession of a teddy bear.

14. An additional challenge that StrEG addressed was the right to interconnect to the grid.

15. An additional challenge is generated by the wind, which changes its strength each turn.

16. An additional challenge lies in the aim to provide a markup language that is generally usable.

17. Earlier than normal winter conditions provide an additional challenge to manage this problem.

18. Those employees were required to compete head-to-head in an additional challenge to determine who would be eliminated.

19. Each level also has a "Gold Time", an additional challenge to complete the level in a specified time-frame.

20. The team noted that the pony shape of the characters proved an additional challenge both visually and for the engine.

21. The Voyager encounter of Neptune in August 1989 presented an additional challenge for the Network.

22. Smart also gave them an additional challenge that linked to their initial challenge.

23. Processing and querying this data is an additional challenge.

24. Weekly missions were introduced to give players an additional challenge, with another difficulty level also added.

25. The record-long order book of Wärtsilä gave an additional challenge to the project.

26. An additional Challenge Mode offers 50 stand-alone missions.

27. An additional challenge for sign language MT is the fact that there is no formal written format for signed languages.

28. Lighting presents an additional challenge, since the object must be visible to viewers.

29. An additional challenge with regard to this task could be that some schemes are easy to confuse.

30. An additional challenge of this reporting is that many places with LGBT news can be violent and dangerous.