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No. sentence
1 The teacher divided the class and took one section to the library and left the other to write an article.
2 I twisted an apple off the tree.
3 Please peel an apple for me.
4 Peel an apple for the child.
5 She was paring an apple with a knife when I came in.
6 We say of an apple that it is round and red.
7 I have eaten an apple.
8 One day, my father gave me an apple.
9 He gave each boy an apple.
10 As he walked past the tree, an apple dropped from it.
11 I will eat an apple.
12 For example, suppose you do some bit manipulation in an integer variable and expect it to be of size 4: This may not be the case on all operating system platforms (see Listing 7).
13 You get an extra bit for free.
14 Not a bit – “I didn’t read any of it, ” he explained once in an interview.
15 The old truck jogged us up and down for an hour before we arrived.
16 sash was of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn-the work of an embroiderer-as the Lord commanded Moses.
17 He tapped out an article on the typewriter.
18 What an inspiration she was to all around her!
19 That chick pecks out an earthworm from the earth.
20 Suddenly, an oasis started up before us.
21 The garden abutted on to an orchard.
22 They tunnelled their way into an underground palace.
23 He hurried me into disguising as an old man.
24 I tumbled upon an interesting book in the library.
25 They discussed an important matter with her.
26 You can easily fake up an excuse to avoid going out with him.
27 We leased an apartment from the school.
28 He is an unscrupulous rogue. No one believes him.
29 His death marked the end of an era.
30 The government transplanted the villagers to an island.