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amphibiorum in a sentence

1. There is a patch of specialized haircells, called papilla amphibiorum, in the inner ear capable of detecting deeper sounds.

2. however, public concern in Tasmania is widespread about the potential impacts of a disease caused by the fungus Mucor amphibiorum.

3. However, they often lack a basilar papilla, having instead an entirely separate set of sensory cells at the upper edge of the saccule, referred to as the papilla amphibiorum, which appear to have the same function.

4. avium, amphibiorum, piscium, insectorum, vermium: quæ in itinere orientali observavit, the work of his late friend, the Swedish naturalist Peter Forsskål. Within Forsskål had described Raja sephen, now commonly known as the cowtail stingray, with a spotted variant he called uarnak ورنك, which is the Arabic name stingrays on the Red Sea shores.

5. Mucor amphibiorum is a fungus which causes ulcers on the platypus, which can be secondarily infected and potentially fatal.

6. Metopograpsus messor was first described under the name Cancer messor by Peter Forsskål in 1775, in his Descriptiones Animalium, Avium, Amphibiorum, Piscium, Insectorum, Vermium, based on material he collected at Suez.

7. Frederik Christian Kielsen (7 February 1774 Copenhagen - 18 January 1850 Frederiksberg) was a Danish schoolmaster noted for editing and publishing a series of copiously illustrated books on natural history - Icones amphibiorum, Icones avium, Icones piscium, Icones vermium, Icones mammalium, and Icones insectorum.

8. However, he is best known for his work on amphibian diseases such as salmonella and ranaviruses in cane toads, Mucor amphibiorum in the Australian green tree frog, and, most notably, chytridiomycosis.