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No. sentence
1 Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?
2 Bushes were interspersed among trees.
3 They checked to see if she enrolled among the voters of their district.
4 They quarreled among themselves.
5 Even though all Amish men and women marry, you will not see a wedding ring, for even this simplest type of jewelry is banned among them.
6 They heard thunder muttering among the hills.
7 Bingbing, a famous beauty, and 64-year-old Wang Xueqi, a award-winning veteran, were dating swirled around cyberspace, causing a big stir among the public.
8 In one of the tests, half of the participants were asked to ponder on the information they were given and then decide which among similar products to buy.
9 There is no conflict of fundamental interests among the third world countries.
10 If crows did not invent the art of having the last word, they are among its most ecstatic practitioners.
11 Tim and Chris were also among the most experienced war photographers that you are going to find anywhere.
12 Overpopulation is not only discussed among scientists, but also in the Maasai community.
13 Seahorses are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young, a unique trait in these fish that inhabit tropical and temperate coastal waters worldwide.
14 I will tell you what they are, and there may be those among you who feel as I do.
15 After a tough and often nasty campaign, a jubilant Hillary Clinton stood among supporters, covered with confetti and relishing the win.
16 Even now there have been a few vile, jubilant voices among Japan's neighbours.
17 That is better than cutting it like a cake, because deep slices cause resentment among the sliced and complacency elsewhere.
18 trend in asset allocation among the largest pools of international investment money suggests 2010 will mark a revival in African bond issuance.
19 This book counts among the best of his works.
20 Third, the flow of resources through financial institutions is an irresistible source of government patronage. An important exemplar was the effort to promote home ownership among the insolvent.
21 Even among the social workers who work in hard-hit communities there is surprisingly little frustration at the meagreness of the handouts on offer or at the lengthy application process.
22 This is an historic pattern, but it may also owe something to Mr Brown's personal unpopularity among some of the elderly.
23 That man is the richest among all the Trustees and he has done the most for our orphanage over the years.
24 the face of calamity, a decent people has proved extremely resilient: no looting; very little complaining among the tsunami survivors.
25 To get around this problem, you could restart the service that owns the log file, although this service interruption might cause a rebellion among your users.
26 What we do not have are adequate mechanisms of horizontal accountability among states.
27 Among these forces is the neglect of vertical forces, which is not too serious because they are quite small compared with the earth's gravitational attraction.
28 Some traders say they also have seen a re-emergence of longer-term investors buying euro-denominated investments, with some speculating that China is among those doing some nibbling.
29 Among smaller car makers, Mitsubishi said its production hubs in Japan's Aichi, Gifu, and Okayama prefectures were not affected by the earthquake.
30 Some of value did leave: Mondrian, Dali, Duchamp, Chagall and L├ęger were among those who made their various ways to New York.