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ambushed in a sentence

1. it was ambushed on the way.

2. Zamir ambushed the Syrian brigade;

3. I was ambushed.

4. VIP vehicle is ambushed.

5. At a checkpoint, they are ambushed.

6. I was ambushed.

7. The Romans were ambushed and routed.

8. On 25 May, they ambushed Capt.

9. The colonists were ambushed.

10. He is ambushed and captured.

11. They are ambushed by the Fuma Clan;

12. They are ambushed by insurgents.

13. They ambushed and killed both men.

14. Taliban fighters were ambushed.

15. He was ambushed twice on the way.

16. I was ambushed.

17. King was ambushed outside his house.

18. Grobbelaar and White ambushed them.

19. They are ambushed and killed.

20. Bardo is ambushed and kidnapped.

21. They ambushed and were ambushed.

22. They are ambushed and captured.

23. Later, he and Roland are ambushed.

24. At the meeting they are ambushed;

25. They were ambushed.

26. He was ambushed and killed in 1363.

27. Ambushed may refer to:

28. Pike is then ambushed and killed.

29. He is ambushed and captured.

30. They ambushed the invaders.