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ambient temperature in a sentence

1. NaK is 40–90% potassium and it is liquid at ambient temperature.

2. One such factor is the ambient temperature.

3. At ambient temperature and pressure, water molecules have a V shape.

4. Ambient temperature is an example of exogenous vasoconstriction.

5. Ambient temperature will change a fuse's operational parameters.

6. During hibernation, the ambient temperature must not fall below zero.

7. The ambient temperature was 24 °C (75 °F).

8. it is independent of ambient temperature.

9. Ambient temperature affects the cold tyre pressure.

10. Ambient temperature influences the rate at which eggs develop;

11. Surface reflectivity in urban areas can impact ambient temperature.

12. At ambient temperature, complete dissolution might require a month;

13. PV is dependent upon solar radiation and ambient temperature.

14. {\displaystyle {\theta }\,} is relative ambient temperature.

15. Ambient temperature varies between 68 °F (20 °C) to 86 °F (30 °C).

16. The body temperature varies, depending on the ambient temperature.

17. The ambient temperature also dictates the best glow plug temperature;

18. The tanks are still at ambient temperature and are full of methane.

19. Development depends largely on the ambient temperature.

20. The process operates around ambient temperature;

21. This false ambient temperature is the flex temp.

22. Color preference may also depend on ambient temperature.

23. The rate of rehydroxylation is affected by the ambient temperature.

24. At rest, bumblebees have temperatures close to ambient temperature.

25. The absorption and release are dependent on ambient temperature.

26. Only ScF3 is cubic (ReO3) at ambient temperature;

27. the fermentation vessel remains at ambient temperature.

28. skin dehydration, ambient temperature, and humidity;

29. From an ambient temperature of approx.

30. Apply gelled acid onto surface at ambient temperature.