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No. sentence
1 Obviously, although correct at time of publishing, this addresses will be subject to change in the future.
2 He went through with his plan although all his friends advised him to abandon it.
3 Although he had only rehearsed the part a few times, he carried it off beyond all expectations.
4 Notice that although this program has no network interfaces, we still have to worry about security, because an attacker can provide some of its inputs.
5 Although the concept of use cases has been around for more than twenty years, many software practitioners have never actually used them or even been exposed to them.
6 Although some of those items are disabled on this panel, they appear on all panels in the tutorial.
7 Kim calls Rick, and explains that although Nina is pushing her to confess, she is covering for him.
8 Although the level of protection that we saw was clearly modest, the study is a major scientific advance," Dr Kim said.
9 Although the technology exists, different approaches do not as yet work well together.
10 Although he didn't like it, I decided to see the movie anyway.
11 Although you can create a single dynamic configuration file for all of your servers, I recommend creating two static configuration files, one for each.
12 But both teams have since announced that the signals have weakened, although they have not ruled out its existence within that range.
13 although researchers still argue about the precise composition of Earth's early atmosphere, most agree that volcanic eruptions would have contributed hydrogen sulfide, he adds.
14 And although capital levels are better than before, the quality of the loans and securities that Banks hold is still unclear.
15 Although they pose no direct military threat, this attitude would tend to justify defense concerns and the development of weapons with which to confront them.
16 Although some people who cut do attempt suicide, it's usually because of the emotional problems and pain that lie behind their desire to self-harm, not the cutting itself.
17 Although the number of monks in most monasteries has declined over the decades, Mount Athos has enjoyed a revival in the last 25 years.
18 Although Italy had problems, including a revival of the Mafia and a merry-go-round of weak governments, 50 years of rapid growth have made it a rich country.
19 Although they laboured under the unfavourable conditions, they fulfilled the plan.
20 This approach lets you migrate projects individually, although it means that client applications may need to connect to a broker with different connection characteristics.
21 Although George couldn't understand why anyone would just want to talk to him about his life, he was happy to answer my questions, so long as I didn't prod his kidneys.
22 As for Emma, although she lost most of her family, her story had a happy ending.
23 She hankered after wealth although she had much money.
24 Although we can never travel back in time to know exactly why or how this arithmetic ability evolved in humans, social battles might have something to do with it," she said.
25 and his colleagues used a hidden stopwatch to time patients until they were finished talking, the average time was 92 seconds, although elderly patients tended to take longer.
26 Although the public discovery of our wonderful trail wasn't a good thing for my friends and me, it is a good thing when your open source trail gets discovered.
27 They were faeries, although not the kind from books, paintings, and the movies.
28 They are defined in every JSP page and used behind the scenes by the container whether you declare them or not — although you cannot redeclare them.
29 AS with the other hardware replication technologies, although the IASP is not accessible on the backup node while its actively replicating, the node itself is available to do other work.
30 To get around this problem, you could restart the service that owns the log file, although this service interruption might cause a rebellion among your users.