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No. sentence
1 The robbers not only took his money but also laid into him.
2 in apple peel but is also found in cranberries and prunes and in basil, oregano and thyme.
3 ear canal also named middle ear splays out at the external position.
4 Scientists also have tried to grow human organs in animals that could one day be transplanted back into humans _ like a mouse onto whose back scientists grew a human ear.
5 Some common fruit trees such as sweet cherries and McIntosh apples have to be grafted. Grafting is also used to produce seedless fruits like navel oranges and seedless watermelons.
6 Yet if the bread chapter stands out for its clarity and utility, it also points out the inherent oddness of this branch of science.
7 Flavonoids are also found in cocoa, tomatoes and grapes.
8 The tree carries fruit throughout the year and the fruit tend to have a very pungent odour when ripening (also known as the cheese fruit or vomit fruit).
9 A second destabilizing mechanism is Ostwald ripening, also known as coarsening or disproportionation, whereby gas diffuses from smaller to larger bubbles.
10 Details of the procedure for detection of artificial ripening of fruits have also been distributed to state authorities.
11 No wonder, he would have hurt himself and also his father because he was not mature enough to play with the knife.
12 Setting up these systems also requires some downtime or restarting of the servers, so you will want to plant for it well in advance.
13 Also this application for tethering has been banned.
14 I can see that this hypothesis is true in my life and I expect it to also be true in yours.
15 comment relates to another point I would make about general equilibrium; not only has it never existed, and is not an operational concept, but also it could not conceivably exist.
16 In some regions other animal species such as camels, yaks, horses, ostriches and game animals are also eaten as meat.
17 There are also some to fix common problems of GIMP.
18 Tonight, we are also going to enjoy an extravaganza performed by special actors. The performance will be not only magnificent but also moving and touching.
19 Tears also pose a problem, because they contain electrically charged atoms, or ions, which interfere with the operation of the smart lens's built-in antenna.
20 This is the first integrated antenna that also serves as its own reference.
21 what makes the joke bite and also what reminds us that the massive disaster was human.
22 It has a cooling effect, and also increases circulation to the bite, speeding the healing process.
23 I also have the painting my sister did for the cover of Reclaim Your Dreams on my bookshelf.
24 I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.
25 For date fields, you can also specify whether the date should be past or future as used above.
26 In some cases, you can also map a file descriptor to a plain file or another device into memory.
27 As a child I often felt driven not only to succeed, but also to be noticed by my parents and my peers.
28 service provider realizes the service description implementation and also delivers the quality of service requirements to the service consumer.
29 Also, each probe into the inner input of both NLJOIN operations matches only one record.
30 And also, we all can rest in its shade.