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alphabetum in a sentence

1. The English word alphabet came into Middle English from the Late Latin word alphabetum, which in turn originated in the Greek ἀλφάβητος (alphabētos).

2. The only source for his birth date is a statement from his 1267 Opus Tertium that "forty years have passed since I first learned the Alphabetum".

3. From 1528 to 1580, he published several editions of Alphabetum graecum, a representation of Renaissance Greek orthography.

4. The earliest reference to Maithili or Tirhutiya is in Amaduzzi's preface to Beligatti's Alphabetum Brammhanicum, published in 1771.

5. The Alphabet of ben Sirach (Alphabetum Siracidis, Otijot ben Sira, Alpha Beta la-Ben Sira) is an anonymous text of the Middle Ages inspired by the Hellenistic work known as the Sirach.

6. The Alphabetum Kaldeorum ("alphabet of the Chaldeans") is one of the best known ciphers of the Middle Ages.

7. The Alphabetum Kaldeorum was meant primarily for the encipherment of diplomatic correspondence;

8. A possible author of the Alphabetum Kaldeorum is Duke Rudolf IV of Austria (1339–1365), who attributed an Indian origin to them;

9. the letters of the Alphabetum Kaldeorum are probably not, however, at all related to any writing common in India, and are actually independent creations.

10. Even Rudolf's gravestone in the Stephansdom in Vienna carries an inscription enciphered using the Alphabetum Kaldeorum, which gives the names and titles of the duke.

11. Media related to Alphabetum Kaldeorum at Wikimedia Commons.

12. He also lent Csoma a copy of Alphabetum Tibetanum by Agostino Antonio Giorgi.

13. A popular collection of sermons entitled Alphabetum narrationem is possibly attributable to him.

14. Antonius Aug. Georgius (d. 1797) composed the "Alphabetum Tibetanum" for the use of missionaries.

15. Alphabetum grandonico-malabaricum sive samscrudonicum is a book on the grammar of the South Indian Malayalam language, published in 1772 at the printing press of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in Rome.

16. The Alphabetum grandonico-malabaricum focuses on the pronunciation of the Malayalam alphabet with many examples in Malayalam characters and includes some remarks on general characteristics of the grammar.

17. Alphabetum grandonico-malabaricum sive samscrudonicum was reprinted several times.

18. He also wrote the preface to Alphabetum grandonico-malabaricum sive samscrudonicum, a book on the grammar of the South Indian Malayalam language, published in 1772.

19. The first books printed in Georgian were Alphabetum Ibericum sive Georgianum cum Oratione and Dittionario giorgiano e italiano published in Rome in 1629.

20. The original copy of Alphabetum Romanum, his treatise on the geometrical construction of Roman capital letters using the square and circle, is preserved in the Vatican Library (Codex Vat.

21. Alphabetum, as known popularly, is a commercial multilingual Unicode font (TTF, TrueType font) for ancient languages developed by Juan José Marcos.

22. Alphabetum contains fonts for:

23. Christmann joined the Casimirianum faculty in 1582 and dedicated his Arabic language Grammar, Alphabetum arabicum, to his colleagues there.

24. Antonius Aug. Georgius (d. 1797) composed the "Alphabetum Tibetanum" for the use of missionaries.

25. The "Alphabetum quadraplex de voto, juramento, blasphemia, superstitione" appeared at Constance in 1672.

26. Felice Feliciano was the first to recreate geometrically the alphabet of roman inscriptions, and published it in 1463 as Alphabetum Romanum Codex Vaticanus 6852.

27. 2. 'Alphabetum primum Beeardi,' a poem of fifty-six short lines printed as a broadside, without date, by William Copland.

28. He was editor-in-chief of Alphabetum, an international journal of literary criticism.

29. Temperica wrote for Rocca the Catholic Lord's Prayer using the Cyrillic script, which he regularly refer to as "Alphabetum Servianum" and "Litterae Serbianae".

30. The Alphabetum Romanum, by Felice Feliciano, published in 1463, was the first book demonstrating how to create Roman square capital letters geometrically based on the subdivision of a square.