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No. sentence
1 She went on to become one of Hollywood's leading ladies, starring alongside Gregory Peck, Paul Newman and Kirk Douglas.
2 They can display a tabular view of the data alongside the chart, and clicking data points in either the table or chart highlights them in both, allowing for easy cross-identification of data.
3 But the EU will surely not lend Portugal stacks of cash for long without the fund alongside or without tough reforms attached.
4 Now, though, if I had no job I would have to join them and fight alongside these men.
5 Like many from the educated classes, Mr. Li was ridiculed, beaten by classmates and then sent to the countryside, where he toiled alongside farmers for nine years.
6 In the north Sudanese state of south Kordofan, rebels from the Nuba Mountains and neighbouring Blue Nile state fought alongside the south during the civil war in the hope of escaping northern control.
7 Great civilizations have always flourished alongside rivers, but the Egyptian civilization, which started on the Nile, is the most fascinating and mysterious in the history of mankind.
8 be near the bottom, but sometimes alongside, the stairs.
9 half of the park's revenues are spent on development projects in the "buffer zone", where farmers live alongside rhinos and other animals.
10 With her face painted with Chinese flags, she ran alongside the convoy dodging protesters who blew whistles at her.
11 Bands typically include a singer/rapper (mor lam) and a khaen player (mor khaen) alongside fiddlers and other musicians.
12 The beginning feels awkward: remnants of an older style full of grabby italics and wisecracking dialogue sit uncomfortably alongside the richer, more complex tone that takes over.
13 Ben Reilly assumed the guise of the Scarlet Spider, fighting alongside his "brother" until Peter decided to take a break from fighting crime..
14 If you drive your car alongside a railroad track, a train coming at you will seem to be moving much faster than if you turned around and followed it in the same direction.
15 Ardi was found in alongside crumbling fossils of 29 species of birds and 20 species of small mammals - including owls, parrots, shrews, bats and mice.
16 We exhibited it in 1983 alongside the finished one but after that he just didn't want to show it.
17 advertising alongside video clips or other content provided by users may pose problems.
18 Doctors diagnosed her right alongside her daughter.
19 She did not notice me until I was already there, crouching over the animal, my hand upon its warm flank, its pulse racing alongside my own.
20 I hiked through forests and moors, through heather and swamps, alongside slopes and down small paths overgrown with stinging nettles.
21 of oil from river dolphin fat sit alongside oil from anacondas and crocodiles.
22 Much of this domestic wine ends up pounded at banquets amid shrieks of gan bei! (literally, "dry glass") alongside beer and rice wine, or else -- horror of horrors -- mixed with Sprite.
23 Each pair contained a neutral image alongside one that was either positive or negative.
24 Indians charged that alongside the Napo River, a tributary of the Amazon, people fell ill from unknown diseases.
25 Corduroy blinked. There was a chair and a chest of drawers, and alongside a girl-size bed stood a little bed just the right size for him.
26 They need to show employees that the robot sitting alongside them can be more of a helpmate than a threat.
27 My plea to discuss plans and strategies alongside specific emissions targets might seem to risk impeding the negotiations.
28 To the people of poor nations, we pledge to work alongside you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters flow; to nourish starved bodies and feed hungry minds.
29 Penicillin and the other antibiotics that its discovery prompted stand alongside vaccination as the greatest inventions of medical science.
30 The car drew up alongside the kerb.