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allows in a sentence

121. this allows for lead–lead dating.

122. The skatepark also allows bicycles.

123. This allows for reduced eye-strain.

124. Nippon Kempo also allows grappling.

125. this allows for a compact detector.

126. This model also allows chain input.

127. Section 43 allows for by-elections.

128. This allows combos to be performed.

129. This allows the fluid to drain off.

130. Rita allows Len to buy her a drink.

131. This allows immediate acceleration.

132. this allows both of them to escape.

133. Wikipedia allows anonymous editing;

134. It allows vendors to create shops.

135. Judy allows Vlad to sleep with her.

136. Each set allows 2/4 people to play;

137. This allows it to dig out the bulb.

138. It allows for membrane association.

139. FOIL allows only operational rules;

140. It allows for membrane association.

141. punk allows us to speak our minds."

142. It also allows for "Sparse Images";

143. This allows most of them to escape.

144. It allows admittance to non-Hindus.

145. It allows infant and adult baptism.

146. Santo finally allows Veera to stay.

147. The game allows up to four players.

148. The director allows it to breathe.

149. Our method allows them to do this.

150. It also allows for neat packaging.