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allows in a sentence

91. This allows a gated load function.

92. It now allows beer and wine sales.

93. CLOS allows multiple inheritance.

94. It allows for plenty of shopping.

95. It allows motion in the X, Y &

96. IPM allows for safer pest control.

97. The Wing Cap allows Mario to fly;

98. His body armor allows him to fly.

99. This allows mitres to be trimmed.

100. It also allows video game content.

101. Austria allows two landing sites.

102. This allows complicated behaviors.

103. she allows him to sleep with her.

104. Portugal allows dual citizenship.

105. It also allows uncompressed areas.

106. So Tim allows them to join —

107. Billy allows Jay to stay with him.

108. This allows a rapid infiltration.

109. The cemetery still allows burials;

110. This allows mobility in mid-water.

111. Loyal to Mamah but allows divorce.

112. This process allows for progress.

113. Elle allows them to stay with her.

114. The game allows golf handicapping.

115. This allows for efficient wiring.

116. English allows three of the four;

117. This allows more frequent testing.

118. Ash allows Ally to stay with her.

119. This allows Sinister to trap her.

120. Gas disinfection allows 10 reuse.