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allows in a sentence

61. This allows excellent precision.

62. Allows both sambas and bolivias.

63. The Wing Cap allows Mario to fly;

64. As such, it allows re-licensing.

65. ADSL2+ also allows port bonding.

66. This allows early weightbearing.

67. A transom notch allows sculling.

68. This allows the leaf to be shed.

69. Monotonicity allows parallelism.

70. GERT allows loops between tasks.

71. This allows transparent scaling.

72. Jubeh allows the coach to live.

73. U allows Mario to run up walls.

74. Bowls Centre allows Tennis &

75. . . allows us to hear them well.

76. He allows women studying Talmud.

77. and Emilia allows him to enter.

78. It allows players to scan cards.

79. Radio software allows AM &

80. This allows a smaller main wing.

81. This allows control of backlash.

82. ICEfaces allows partial submits.

83. However, she allows him to stay.

84. This allows a longer burn time.

85. ATLA: All This Life Allows, Vol.

86. Judge Johnson allows the march.

87. He allows Falstaff an audience.

88. The Plug-in allows engineers to:

89. He allows room for spontaneity."

90. Weak typing allows more leeway.