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1 files and folders section also allows you to quickly launch common folders or open command prompt in a said folder.
2 This allows us to significantly reduce the impact on performance and the memory pressure.
3 This feature allows the service processor (SP) to isolate faults and log events that take place right up to the point of the actual failure.
4 This is a step beyond using static recorded tests, because it allows tests to select different variable values for each execution.
5 This allows for the dynamic element by rebuilding the page with each step with the custom content.
6 The platform allows singles to get acquainted by chatting and even playing games in cyberspace, said Lim, adding the identities of participants have been verified.
7 It could not contemplate anything like the transfers that America's federal system allows.
8 However, the rise of obesity is a major public health concern around the world, and one which we share, and the Jenny Craig acquisition allows us to help many of our consumers.
9 Consider today's online world. The Usenet, a worldwide bulletin board, allows anyone to post messages across the nation.
10 If the file exceeds the vertical height of the dialog box, a control allows for simple scrolling up and down.
11 This command allows you to list the file.
12 If a government allows the advertising and widespread sales of tobacco, alcohol and processed food, surely it should also offer help in controlling or curbing excess use from addiction?
13 This low-level area of the hardware allows you to reset a hung system, boot from a specific device (like a CD or a network boot), or get into single-user mode.
14 PHP's database accesses are done using PEAR: : DB, a handy database abstraction layer that allows the same database-access code to be used regardless of what database is implemented.
15 The Reverse IFF system allows an aircraft providing close-air support (CAS) to interrogate a target area using its existing IFF transponder at 1090 MHz rather than the standard 1030 MHz.
16 This allows users full access to change the GRUB configuration.
17 This abstraction layer allows any operating system to run on the hardware without knowledge of any other guest operating system.
18 This allows you to apply any terms that apply to all customers within the store, including guest shoppers, in one contract.
19 The exam software allows you to mark questions to return to later, so you can skip hard questions and return to them.
20 This solution, in effect, gives the receiving system a hint as to which values are standard (including casing and spelling) but in fact allows any value in the string field.
21 The most common is a color scheme tool, which allows you to choose an aesthetically pleasing group of colors for your site.
22 Inside books there is perfect space and it is that space which allows the reader to escape from the problems of gravity.
23 By building an interface to your application that allows users to connect to it with IM, you take advantage of a large existing infrastructure for communication over a network.
24 This allows the number of repeats of an element to be indicated by an integer field in the message.
25 This allows for a single point of control and a single process of development for both platforms.
26 It allows developers to explore a code execution path by showing all calls to, or calls from, a selected method.
27 An incomplete recovery is a recovery that involves rolling forward the redo logs to bring the database to timestamp as far as the roll forward allows you with some lost of data.
28 allows one of the constituents but not others to pass through.
29 This allows a system using one type of message to communicate with a system using another type.
30 Between this and the lower leg bone is a natural recess known as the sinus tarsi, which allows ankle flexibility.