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No. sentence
1 We allied ourselves with our friends against the common enemy.
2 her toughness and wit, especially in old age when, in spite of an amputated leg, she visited the trenches and toured America in the Allied cause.
3 implicit thesis is that the allied bombing campaign was a vindictive and unprovoked attack on a country that itself adhered scrupulously to the rules of war.
4 He then covered the Allied invasion of Europe and, after the surrender of Germany, filed reports from the Far East.
5 Postcard-collecting, or deltiology, is third only to coins and stamps in Britain's allied tradition of collecting things.
6 Not that learning is to be despised, but that it must be allied to goodness.
7 The few images derived from Allied photographs and the testimony of survivors flashed on the mind again and again, until they froze into cliches.
8 Britain was allied with the United States many times in history.
9 The bombers and fighters pummeled the enemy and softened up the defenses so that the Allied ground troops had less work to do.
10 They won't all look back on "the longest day" as mainly a triumph of Allied military might.
11 It is pointed out that the Germans frequently make such reports in order to "fish" for Allied comment.
12 This frees them to focus on becoming premium-brand marketers of products, and providers of services allied to them, as well as on developing the next generation of gadgets-or that is their hope.
13 Wai said participation in mainland railway projects was usually limited to allied universities - such as the two collaborating ones - to protect technological secrets.
14 In trying to make it harder for customers to get legal advice from formally allied firms, or even a global one-stop shop, Brazil is moving against a tide towards globalisation in legal practice.
15 It flew 200 kilometers an hour faster than any other aircraft and was so much faster than the allied bombers that it caused many worries.
16 Soon after meeting the interned British officer, she was helping to get similar Allied airmen, refugees and escaped prisoners-of-war out of occupied France and into Britain.
17 ORSO also trains technologists in allied countries and then challenges them to beat its record.
18 Japan allied with Germany and Italy to form the Axis Pact of 27 September 1940.
19 Relying on intelligence from the rebels will not give allied pilots the kind of real-time situational awareness that they will want.
20 Some military personnel and veterans served as consultants to EA to help make sure the game was both accurate and respectful to U.S. and allied troops.
21 He says allied forces are not losing in eastern Afghanistan, but they are not winning as quickly as he would like.
22 That would probably mean the government taking a majority stake in Allied Irish Banks.
23 Bank of Ireland Plc and Allied Irish Banks Plc rose more than 2 percent in Dublin.
24 As the highest-ranking Allied officer, Nicholson takes charge of the operation.
25 The Japanese Zero could virtually sweep the skies of any Allied fighters courageous enough to go up against it.
26 The groups regularly send militants across the border to attack U.S., Afghan and allied forces.
27 Many Allied ships and cargo vessels failed to reach their destination, but the ‘Krasin’ could survive.
28 Moreover, people living in outlying urban areas say the Taliban, far from being repelled by the prospect of an allied surge, are massing as never before.
29 NATO leaders emerged from a two-day summit in Portugal with a common commitment that U.S. and other allied forces will have moved into a support role in Afghanistan by the end of 2014.
30 But the Bush administration did not want to be encumbered by a formal alliance. Instead it cherry-picked the allied assets it needed to help topple the Taliban.