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all previous years in a sentence

1. From 2006 onwards, results are Live+SD; all previous years are live viewing.

2. The European Commission had some difficulty funding the project's next stage, after several allegedly "per annum" sales projection graphs for the project were exposed in November 2001 as "cumulative" projections which for each year projected included all previous years of sales.

3. Global egg production was expected to reach 65.5 million tonnes in 2013, surpassing all previous years.

4. The 1990s saw numerous discoveries, with nearly twice as many finds as in all previous years, including two of the most complete skeletons found to date: Sue and Stan.

5. This long-term trend is the main cause for the record warmth of 2015 and 2016, surpassing all previous years—even ones with strong El Niño events."

6. these egg cups also served as the programme's closing credits copyright year identifier, with all previous years also kept on-screen behind the current year.

7. Film production in Turkey increased drastically after World War II. With a total of 49 films produced in 1952, this single year equaled a greater output produced in Turkey than all previous years combined.

8. Units with automatic transmission retained the 3.31:1 rear gear ratio of all previous years.

9. This particular year in the paintball industry (2005) saw the most closed stores, fields, and manufacturers than all previous years combined.

10. The 1990s saw numerous discoveries, with nearly twice as many finds as in all previous years, including two of the most complete skeletons found to date: Sue and Stan.

11. For example, historical literature from Ohio records that in 1882 the number of acres drained was approximately equal to the area of land that was drained in all previous years.

12. In 2005, Stith has asserted that Scientology has grown more internationally in the past five years, than in all previous years combined, and that its current membership numbered 10 million.

13. Featuring four nights of music and dance, KS’19 promises to go one step further than all previous years.

14. Sales topped all previous years with 272,631 units, of which 54,907 were the Z28 model.

15. This year the school GCSE record was 76% (higher than all previous years) of students achieving 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths which is an 8% improvement.

16. The first two rounds had two age groups 13-15 and 16-18. However, unlike previous years, top awards during the finalist event did not distinguish between the two age groups of the previous rounds, thus making it particularly challenging event for the contestant compared to all previous years.

17. The breach of Leinster dominance was regarded as a healthy development just as interest in inter-provincial camogie showed a danger of waning.Agnes Hourigan wrote in the Irish Press: As Leinster won this competition in all previous years since its inauguration, the trophy must have new holders this season, which is all to the good, for the dominance of Leinster in the cup must eventually have killed the competition from the standpoint of public interest.

18. This was the first year of the expanded six team format, with all previous years being four team events.

19. in all previous years since the introduction of finals in 1903, four teams had played finals.

20. Graduates of all previous years surpassed 30,000 who have responsibilities for the society and win glory for Tamshui Junior High School.

21. The years 2014–16 saw more people killed by Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe than all previous years combined, and the highest rate of attack plots per year.

22. Mark Sherry's 2015 tour itinerary exceeded all previous years with appearances at Godskitchen (Birmingham), ASOT700 (Utrecht), The Full on stages at Space (Ibiza), Tomorrowland (Belgium), Boxxed Warehouse (Birmingham) and Dance Valley (Netherlands) with Ferry Corsten, as well as shows at Ruby Skye (San Francisco) and Fresno Fairgrounds (Fresno) for Mental Asylum and Somewhere Loud (San Diego) for the Damaged Records Volume 1 world tour.

23. Last years and all previous years the CFR was held at the Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, Alberta.

24. As with all previous years, the opening ceremony was held in the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on 14 February 2019.