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all homes in a sentence

1. All homes wired for cable had two cable drops run into their house.

2. Water is treated and piped into all homes.

3. Over half of all homes were constructed after 1970.

4. Nearly all homes were totally destroyed.

5. Plumbing and electricity were now required in all homes.

6. All homes in the city are owner occupied.

7. Over 80 percent of all homes in the area were built since 1970.

8. Therefore, this art is prevalent in all homes, rich or poor.

9. Eventually, all homes had to leave the state on interstate highways.

10. All homes in the community are Energy Star certified.

11. It is delivered free to all homes in Regina and surrounding area.

12. All homes were burned down.

13. Reports indicated that all homes collapsed in Fajardo and Toa Alta.

14. Water supplies are available to all homes in the main village area.

15. Water supplies are available to all homes in the main village area.

16. All homes within the Ecovillage include complete water autonomy.

17. In frozen winters, she transmits warmness to all homes.

18. All homes were covered by Home Owners Warranty insurance.

19. All homes in the community are served by private septic systems.

20. Nearly all homes in this neighborhood employ front or side porches.

21. All homes include a driveway.

22. Almost all homes are electrified in this village.

23. EPA recommends that all homes should be monitored for radon.

24. All homes are LEED Certified Platinum and monitored.

25. In some regions, nearly all homes were destroyed.

26. In some areas, nearly all homes were destroyed.

27. All homes were completed in the arts and crafts architectural style.

28. In Balur Char, the tornado destroyed all homes.

29. All homes have fishing and/or boat docks.

30. 22% of all homes had no basic hot water supply.