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all his father in a sentence

1. He was meant to stay for only three months, because that was all his father could afford.

2. Two years after his birth, Dom Luís Filipe inherited all his father's royal princely titles when his father became king.

3. [...] he had inherited all his father's energy, and cultivated a reputation of prompt action.

4. In June 1119, however, Henry I restored all his father's lands in Normandy.

5. Having recovered the property of his ancestors, Harry Bertram is able to discharge all his father's debts.

6. It is told that of all his father's sons, Imru' al-Qais was the only one to take responsibility for avenging his father.

7. In 984, he assumed the direction of all his father's counties when his last brother died without heirs.

8. He inherited all his father's titles on his death in 1008.

9. Mario Segni is also the current president of the Antonio Segni Foundation, which seeks to put all his father's work online.

10. His first move as lord was the assassination of all his father's enemies.

11. In 1948 he succeeded to all his father's peerages.

12. As the only son of his father Vitaliano, he inherited all his father's titles and wealth.

13. By 1771 his son had bought all his father's Canadian seigneuries except Villechauve, which was mortgaged.

14. Mason also received all his father's properties in Charles County.

15. Ken's father and all his father's four brothers were doctors.

16. Yet, he lost all his father's estates and became stigmatized for his whole life.

17. The son also follows in all his father's footsteps.

18. He had to contend with all his father's neuroses.

19. At the age of 25 he was granted all his father's powers.

20. Siddharth says he chose Nidra of all his father's films because its story is relevant even now.

21. Upon his father's death in 1910, he was accepted as Rebbe by all his father's Hasidim.

22. After all, his father is the lesser evil of a state of generalized corruption in the country.

23. Upon the death of his father on 15 May 2012, he succeeded to all his father's titles, becoming the 12th Duke of Atholl.

24. He took up management of Owen Springs station in 1873 and in 1875 was managing of all his father's properties.

25. On the death of his elder brother Walter, in about the year 1170, Hugh succeeded to all his father's estates.

26. All his father's co-workers have lined up on the stage to take blessings from J. V. Somayajulu.

27. Robert succeeded to all his father's counties after Rainulf's death in 1088.

28. The boys grow, William Jnr inherits all his father's pride and ambition, while Henry all his father's humility.

29. When Im Sang-ok became age of 28, his father Im Bong-haek died, he had to solve all his father's debt.

30. In fact, he barely remembered the trip at all; his father actually wrote the letter.