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No. sentence
1 The wheel must be aligned with the frame.
2 He neatly aligned the flower-pots on the window-sill.
3 Then pick the right tools and metrics aligned with those goals.
4 In NFL, the phrase is used to describe two or more players aligned shoulder to shoulder within two yards of each other.
5 In running this business, I need to constantly ask myself whether what I'm doing is aligned with my goals.
6 But if your heart is aligned with this truth you have nothing to be ashamed of.
7 Gummed type: the picture cut to the desired size, flat on the board will be four aligned by a heavy intermediate or by pressing.
8 If you are not aligned with your core purpose (The person that you are deep within), you are going to be selling products that you have no passion for.
9 Lawmakers besieged by ideas now must decide how to weigh requests and pick which are most aligned with their constituencies' needs and policy goals.
10 That played havoc with the color register for four-color printing, since the ink, applied one color at a time, required pinpoint calibration to avoid badly aligned, muddy illustrations.
11 project is not aligned with corporate standards and is consequently forced to migrate to a solution mandated by those standards.
12 Often this long lifecycle existed because the business vocabulary for the business level management of assets was not aligned with the IT level management of assets.
13 If we conduct our actions, perceptions, habits, and modes for evaluating life in a way that is not 'aligned' with spiritual truth, life can be hell.
14 These are brands aligned with a purpose. It's not something you need an MBA to understand-more a promise, or a mantra of virtue.
15 Furthermore, since a chunk of bonuses are paid in stock and staff cannot sell their shares immediately, their interests are to some extent aligned with those of shareholders.
16 The winter pups were also more active at night, similar to patients with SAD, suggesting their clocks were not as well aligned to the time of day.
17 Said it was "aligned" with the decision, though Alibaba, its Chinese partner, called this "reckless given the lack of facts".
18 Currently, which business processes are considered to be aligned and which ones not aligned with business goals and visions?
19 It turns out that accurately placing text aligned vertically and horizontally around the perimeter of a circle is somewhat complicated, so a simple trial-and-error approach is shown on lines 80-107.
20 This model must be saved, aligned with a master model, and then the two models must be compared to each other.
21 The COE evaluates, selects, and mandates vendor products, standards, and best practice architecture aligned with the functional and nonfunctional scope and needs of the organization.
22 Note that this milestone is not aligned with the actual delivery of any results from any (governed) project.
23 In an integrated system with incentives aligned properly, he argues, preventing future cavities saves the company money.
24 These aggregations are closely aligned to the information requirements of the business process and will be required to formalize reusable XML data types at design time.
25 If a meeting, conference, or discussion is not in harmony with his goals, he spends his energies on things better aligned.
26 If we conduct our actions, perceptions, habits, and modes for evaluating life in a way that is' aligned 'with spiritual truth, life can be heaven.
27 Using Shared services that are aligned with business processes, SOA strengthens interoperability while reducing the need to synchronize data between isolated systems.
28 We introduced a process that was aligned with RUP 4 and spanned the Simpay project lifecycle, from business idea to product deployment.
29 In this way, governance ensures that business requirements drive all aspects of the service delivery lifecycle, and that the implementation remains constantly aligned with business objectives.
30 The flat body sides are aligned with the canted tails, the wing-body junction is clean, and there is a sharp chine line around the forward fuselage.