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air travel in a sentence

1. Air travel is rapidly increasing in importance.

2. In 1927, air travel to Missoula began;

3. Air travel Roads Pedestrian and bicycle

4. However, this does not apply to air travel.

5. Air travel needs are served by several airports.

6. Air travel was provided by Delta Air Lines.

7. and provides air travel to state departments.

8. The sanctions also included a ban on air travel.

9. 11 drop-off in air travel.

10. A fear of flying is a fear of air travel.

11. Air travel was advancing around the same period.

12. See Health hazards of air travel#Infection.

13. Skymax is a Florida-based air travel company.

14. Air travel entry at Kaunas.

15. Air travel exit at Kaunas.

16. containerised passenger air travel (p. 340).

17. Sold on 17 January 1949 to Hunting Air Travel.

18. Its plan was to compete with air travel.

19. Thus he cons his way on much free air travel.

20. Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc.

21. Air Travel was the creation of Bert Mercer.

22. In 1935, Air Travel Ltd were employing 25 staff.

23. Air Travel Ltd moved to Gatwick.

24. Oderbruch, Engineer in the Air-Travel Ministry.

25. Air travel was also disrupted.

26. and 7 days if by air travel.

27. Commercial air travel was grounded.

28. Some villages restricted air travel.

29. Air travel could resume from the same date.

30. The closure included river and air travel.