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No. sentence
1 I go to give him a kiss - just a peck - and he veers off, jerking his head out of the way like a nervous racehorse, too late to alter my trajectory and pretend I was aiming for his cheek.
2 I didn't mean to hit the cat, I was aiming at [for] the tree.
3 This consisted of administration of warfarin on postoperative Day 1 and continuing for 6 weeks aiming for an international normalized ratio of 1.5 to 2.
4 This week sees the publication of a new anthology aiming to encourage young people to get interested in - and angry at - corruption in its many forms and guises.
5 Yokohama is aiming its tyres at hybrid cars and efficient city cars like the Mini Cooper.
6 It would be lighter than the batteries used as we are aiming to reduce the size of those batteries, if not replace them completely.
7 His voice was alluring, whether he was aiming for that or not.
8 You can divide the detailed design, implementation and test phase into three iterations, each one aiming at implementing three of the nine subsystems.
9 He tries to counterfeit all the good things God offers you, aiming at our weakness in order to exploit our vulnerabilities and entice us into the darkness.
10 If one claims that I am willing to devote everything to you, but aiming at nothing.
11 It later emerged that the report had been fabricated by a youth television programme, aiming to illustrate how easy it was to disseminate false information via the media.
12 By splitting a laser beam and aiming each part onto opposite sides of a polished silicon wafer, the group engineered a system of reflection and interference that traps both beams in the silicon.
13 Others have experimented with adding software for aiming the camera or enhancements like better lights for patrolling at night.
14 Now, who are we aiming to look better than?
15 To avoid these risks, Mr Olmert is therefore aiming for a middle way that may not exist.
16 this really something that we should be aiming for?
17 Stouder was aiming the laser at a distant tower when a Metro Air Support police helicopter appeared in the line of sight an estimated 1.5 miles away.
18 with DS games, for example first-person shooters, the aiming would be handled by using the stylus on the touch pad, sort of like a mouse.
19 When you're aiming for separation of concerns, transparency, and flexibility, aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is often the right answer.
20 Decide what you're aiming for, and write it down.
21 Get clear about your goal. Decide what you're aiming for, and write it down. Once you've done that, you can start on the next step.
22 only way to counteract this is by aiming lots of widespread radio telescopes at the same thing and combining their light -- gather a lot more pixels, in other words -- to sharpen the image.
23 The default is accelerometer panning of the 360-degree field of view, with virtual thumbstick aiming.
24 we would do them. Because they certainly not aiming to do harm. Shall we continue?
25 well as aiming to read well written magazines, essays, and online material, read as many books as you have time and inclination for.
26 It recognises that many experiments still have to be done on animals and is aiming for Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of animals in experiments.
27 She'd make such a goddamn fuss over what we talked about at dinner, aiming at topics of Common Interest, topics that celebrated our cohesion as a family.
28 You need to know that you are working on what matters and aiming for results that will be measured.
29 With this extraordinary quantity of photographs, an equal extraordinary quantity of people has been dedicated on studying them, aiming to verify its veracity.
30 A target for the country \ 's education policies aiming at ensuring equal opportunity for all to receive education of equal quality.