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No. sentence
1 He directed his aim to us.
2 When you meet them aim for total honesty and transparency. Find people you can be yourself around.
3 I aim to instill in them the pleasure of giving.
4 reach of our ability to obtain such aim.
5 Verbatim insertion is more appropriate in this example, since the aim is to exactly copy the text above the cursor.
6 I don't aim to hurt you.
7 no definite intent, from no motive but the wayward impulse of a madman, Murlock sprang to the wall, with a little groping seized his loaded rifle, and without aim discharged it.
8 object is to aim your gun with the mouse and shoot the flying shoes out of the air before they hit the President.
9 We aim at saving something every month.
10 Like Iran, it says its aim is Israel's destruction.
11 In Ancient Egypt the names of enemy Kings would be inscribed on pottery bowls and ritually smashed with the aim of bringing about the death of these rulers.
12 Money Laundering" is the introduction of illegally gained assets into the legal financial system with the aim of concealing or disguising their true origin.
13 It is a follow-on to the AIM-7 Sparrow missile series. The missile is faster, smaller and lighter, and has improved capabilities against low-altitude targets.
14 All the plants are chosen according to compatibility, illumination and efficiency of oxygen producing, and with the aim of creating an attractive and comfort space.
15 Aim: To improve the treatment effective of tethered cord syndrome (TCS) in children by protecting and strengthening the structure and stability of spine.
16 But rather than concentrating resources in a small number of elite universities, the aim should be a world-class he system.
17 For the same matter, a more successful person sees more and farther so that he can find out an opportunity and catch it to realize his aim.
18 Journalists at the main press centre in Yokohama have been given the chance to try out the Fevernova from the penalty spot, with the aim of hitting special targets in the goal.
19 You aim at some astonishing peak or a swerve of the river, then examine the screen on the back of your digital camera. A rogue, blurring tree has dived across like a goalkeeper to block your shot.
20 Not to hide behind the hatred of a herd, the roar of the crowd, but to aim, hard as it might be, towards the "good" life.
21 Owing to the reluctance of the American public to enter the war, Roosevelt could not pursue his aim directly.
22 The aim of the money test is to test the theory that how we manage our emotions - particularly when stressed or in an unpleasant situation - affects how we manage our money.
23 Some assert that such incidents, as well as pre-revolutionary terror attacks targeting Egyptian Copts, may instead be the work of rogue secret policemen, whose aim is to stir sectarian divisions.
24 The only aim of talks, then, would be to extort money and energy supplies from the international community in return for minor concessions.
25 We Germans will be right behind our national team, but our aim is to act as welcoming hosts and friends to every team and their fans.
26 be a world champion is his ultimate aim as an athlete.
27 to remain competitive and know where to aim, we have to know what our true competition is.
28 I don't aim to be comprehensive, but to convey something of what continues to fascinate me about the wonderful subject of human anatomy.
29 Whenever you have an aim you must sacrifice something of freedom to attain it.
30 Our plans miscarry because they have no aim.