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No. sentence
1 He saw the guest out and took up his work again.
2 I went to try to pick it up and it bit me again.
3 What he can do is just wishing away again and again.
4 The plane dived sharply and then rose again.
5 Tom scored again in the stock exchange.
6 I put my fingers to my lips and grinned again.
7 Once that happens at year's end, you won't have this wonderful paring of energies again until 2022.
8 I'll box your ears if you say that again.
9 He said I could try it again if I wished.
10 So we must work together, again, to address this challenge and advance our shared objectives for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
11 Late for work again, she gulped down a cup of milk, with no time for anything to eat.
12 Come again some other time.
13 Cells get 'eaten' by 'bigger' cells and eventually cycle back to state 0 again.
14 We must meet again to fix up the details of the contract.
15 She finally nitpicked colours again.
16 Then I learned it all over again with variations from the Hawaiians.
17 Whoever wins the tournament will have switched from altitude to sea level and back again at some point.
18 Why risk that nightmare all over again?
19 will only be available for a few more hours, then Chris will be shutting down signups again until the next round.
20 still through his consciousness ran an undersense of conviction that all was right - that he should have her again as before, and everything explained.
21 When people get married with a very strong sense of material benefit, things can get rather wrong and people do not necessarily have a will to make it go right again," she explained.
22 This again shows the parts (ports and properties) that make up the static structure of the participant.
23 If the process was done correctly, there should be no failures but if there are those specifications should be fed through the manual update process again to have them fixed.
24 Of course, if the threat is that a rogue employee of the software company might produce a malicious patch, fuzzing becomes important again.
25 There was another flurry five years ago, but some retreated again after facing the wrath of their private-equity clients.
26 In Sudan, another country awash with oil, the bonanza should once again have benefited a country that suffers from both poverty and drought.
27 They would sign a promise not to fight again and to obey state and federal laws.
28 And while you might feel ambivalent about Lenovo once again going with an integrated touchpad, know that this is one of the better ones we've tested.
29 He again became key to a Bayern revival, winning four more league titles, another UEFA Cup and two German Cups.
30 Yet the hopes which that movement represented surged again after the general election of March 2008, and especially after August 2008 when Mr Anwar won a seat in Penang.