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affords in a sentence

1. This reaction affords 2-ketoesters.

2. This treatment affords saturated fatty acids.

3. The club affords dining and golf.

4. The Bible affords many examples of vows.

5. Dydrating glycerol affords hydroxyacetone.

6. As a result, it affords several benefits.

7. Its hydrolysis affords ethylene glycol.

8. Hydrogenation of the latter affords PPD.

9. This status affords it special protection;

10. Gibson stated that behavior affords behavior.

11. This modification affords the E-alkene.

12. Living in a THA affords little privacy.

13. the church affords seating for 200.

14. The park affords such activities as shelling;

15. It affords a good view over the town.

16. Its pyrolysis affords palladium oxide.

17. Mineral affords views of Mount Rainier.

18. the station platform affords scenic views.

19. The gateway affords access to the park.

20. Acetylation affords 2-nitroacetanilide.

21. It affords fine scope for poetic landscape;

22. rxn with MeOH then affords the ester (2).

23. and affords excellent views.

24. The process affords ethers.

25. The canyon affords many excellent dam sites.

26. Semihydrogenation affords cis alkenes.

27. it affords shelter in southerly weather.

28. This accident affords us a useful lesson.

29. The site affords a magnificent view of Mt.

30. Reading affords us pleasure.