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1 With the converged proxy and converged container, session failover is done with affinity to the application, enabling the HTTP and SIP sessions to be tied together automatically.
2 If a proxy Server fails, the affinity is to the container and not to the proxy itself so there is one less potential failure along the message flow.
3 When the queuing manager directly sends the work requests with affinity to the servant regions, it will not go through the service class work queues specified for the requests.
4 women in the West who, like Gilbert, have harvested what the early feminists fought for have almost no affinity for women like Nujood — and like me when I was a little girl.
5 Community is an investment in the cultivation and fusion of affinity, interaction, advocacy and loyalty.
6 But it also reflects a deeper strategic affinity with Russia, which last year held its first naval war games in the Western Hemisphere - together with the Venezuelan navy - since the cold war ended.
7 Scholars have noted the correspondence of parts of the Christian narrative to the hero-myths, and perhaps this affinity accounts for what little Christian imagery does show up in Star Wars.
8 dispatch confirmer, in the context of the Proxy Service pattern, can provide endpoint affinity.
9 He says: "I have got a natural affinity with parrots... they actually relate to me."
10 There are two busy threads on the sending side, and only one of them gets its affinity set.
11 Willbold and his colleagues concentrated on investigating the ancient Greenland rocks for isotopes of tungsten, a metal that, like gold, has an affinity for bonding with iron.
12 One approach that can provide relief for you, or for customers who are facing this problem, is to use the processor affinity setting methods available on the operating systems.
13 Polyclonal antibodies are produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to the human sequence of YAP. Antibodies are purified by protein a and peptide affinity chromatography.
14 Most intriguing is the question of whether certain cultures, such as Confucian ones, possess an affinity for authoritarian political systems, as conference participants suggested.
15 Everyone has a potential affinity with a charitable organization.
16 Look for charities that you believe in and to which you have some affinity.
17 Using process affinity Settings to bind or unbind threads can help you find the root cause of hangs or deadlocks that are difficult to debug.
18 It is not difficult to trace this senseless law to its origin; for an absurdity, adopted by a whole nation, must have some affinity with other ideas established and respected by the same nation.
19 In addition to his affinity for trial scenes and knowledge of legal intricacies, Shakespeare's plays abound with dialogue that has special meaning for lawyers.
20 Shadow Affinity now gives the priest 5% of his base mana when his Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch spells are dispelled.
21 Bayesian inference has also gained prominence in E-mail spam-fighting, and in non-spam-related areas such as customer affinity engines (or, commercial recommendation engines).
22 the portability promises of Cloud Foundry create a looser affinity to a particular hosting provider?
23 Electron affinity is actually the ability of an atom, or we could also talk about an ion to gain electrons.
24 Electron affinity, however, can be either negative or it can be positive.
25 Nitrate of low concentration can interfere with adsorption of uranyl sulfate anion on anion-exchange resins because the anion-exchange resins have a stronger affinity for nitrate in uranium solution.
26 You need to have a strong grasp of the underlying data model and workload patterns to effectively utilize affinity routing, but this approach can significantly improve performance.
27 The system presents three basic features:rich creativeness, prominent vanguard nature, and distinct affinity to the people.
28 Objective to investigate the affects of affinity tag on binding activity of single chain variable fragment (ScFv) to antigen using different immunological assays.
29 study, based on the mechanism of affinity chromatography, the affinity chromatography column with the heme immobilized was built to do purification of HBP.
30 no need to maintain session affinity at the plug-in router level, as session affinities will be taken care of by the ODRs when the requests are forwarded on to the application servers.