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1 They reject the limits on engine displacement, instead advocating the promotion of fuel-efficient cars of all shapes and sizes.
2 PHE focuses on developing and advocating effective preventive policies and interventions based on improved scientific understanding of the environmental determinants of human health.
3 A British author named Vincent Holt published an essay advocating it in 1885, along with a nice selection of menus — moths on toast, anyone? — in a pamphlet called Why Not Eat Insects?
4 He said these lenders should be restricted to commercial banking activities, advocating a policy that existed for decades barring Banks from engaging in investment banking activities.
5 Although she was a poet, she spent much of her time advocating for better health care and housing for the newcomers.
6 The United States is not advocating any specific outcome in this process," she said.
7 All the ruling classes of the past were fond of advocating it, and so were many so-called sages and wise men, but nobody has ever really practised it, because it is impossible in class society.
8 Follow this logic to its end and you understand why free software folks are advocating for net neutrality or trying to build open, alternative networks via mesh.
9 Indian Defense Minister A.K. Antony calls President Bush's comment "a cruel joke" contending that U.S. policies, including advocating bio-fuels, are responsible for higher food prices.
10 art career of Marcel Duchamp is an entrance which we understands Duchamp, and also a jumping-off point which the text discuss Duchamp from advocating art to opposing art.
11 With the Department of Defense advocating the software-defined radio approach of JTRS, the Navy has awarded contracts to engineer and qualify JTRS compliance into the next-generation MIDS.
12 Advocating for investment in maternal and newborn health by highlighting the social and economic benefits and by emphasizing maternal mortality as human rights and equity issue.
13 She was given the task of advocating on behalf of WHO programmes and initiatives focused on maternal, newborn and child health.
14 Post modern educational thinking has the features of stressing personal choice and participation, advocating creativeness, variety, complexity, uncertainty and reconstructing.
15 Indeed the church would imprison Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, for advocating the sun-centred model of the universe a century later.
16 Note that this contrast between idealism and materialism has to do with the question of the nature of reality as such ? it has nothing to do with advocating high moral standards, or the like.
17 If the Fed went further and started to buy illiquid assets outright, as some are advocating, that would be different.
18 Worth advocating naturally, the natural beautiful pursuit like the celestial being not glossed over.
19 He was not cheerfully advocating a housing bubble, but instead he was glumly saying that the only way he could see to get out of the recession would be for such a bubble to occur.
20 The spirit of advocating the wisdom of ancient Greece, rationality, and science, are always the fundamental and important life creed of mine.
21 The spirit of advocating the wisdom of ancient Greece, rationality, and science, are always the important life creed, which must to be upheld in my life.
22 Nayar's advice, advocating a flatter organizational structure that pushes decision-making authority to the front line, is smacking of open source ideals.
23 Advocating freedom but not overindulge!
24 We never explicitly say, 'Develop your feminine side,' but it's clear that's what we're advocating," says Jamie Ladge.
25 As an information architect, she is committed to advocating for the user while satisfying the needs of the client.
26 She got rid of the metaphysical way of looking at the religion and thought that the religious theology advocating formalism was parochial, exclusive and intolerant.
27 Such models are not peculiar to emerging markets: Dell builds computers to its Western customers’ specifications, and Western management gurus have been advocating networks for decades.
28 Meanwhile, a rival revolution still simmered below the surface, advocating ancient tools like compost and cover crops.
29 the book states, "the greatest carver does the least carving," maybe it's just advocating something along the lines of "Less is more."
30 However, when I saw new construction that used the design measures my research project was advocating, I was full of hope and inspired to help hazard-prone coastal communities build more sustainably.