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1 They advocated a secret ballot of their number to resolve it: "Strong supporters of the prime minister should have no difficulty in backing this approach," they innocently wrote.
2 One of the most promising Marine energy technologies is the tidal turbine, which was advocated in Manchester by Peter Fraenkel of Marine Current Turbines (MCT).
3 So why not give an entity all behavioral and state responsibilities, thus including the responsibility to perform persistence operations, as advocated by OO purists?
4 Under a plan advocated by some, much of that would be covered by the sale of state assets and the change in repayment terms for private debtholders.
5 advocated in China that a couple only has one child.
6 the first woman cabinet member who advocated the 8 hour day, stricter factory safety laws, and laws for the protection of women and children in the labor force.
7 If you don't feel like meditation is right for you, you might consider the simple breathing exercises advocated by alternative health practitioner Andrew Weil.
8 Michelle Rhee, the chancellor of the awful school system in Washington, DC, closed failing schools, fired more than 200 ineffective teachers and principals, and advocated merit pay.
9 Advocated by the GATT is unconditional MFN treatment, and with the bilateral MFN difference, it is multilateral and unconditional MFN treatment.
10 Theirs are not the only voices in the government. The PBOC recently appointed three scholars to advise it, two of whom, David Daokui Li and Xia Bin, have advocated currency reform.
11 army of Nan Yang Fleet, advocated first by Zuo Zongtang and sponsored by Hu Xueyan, has wiped out since then.
12 after speculating about cuts beyond the modest ones his party advocated, Oliver Letwin, a frontbencher, fled to Dorset.
13 He makes a dash here and there – this week, for instance, he ordered an investigation into the prison death of a lawyer who advocated for greater transparency in Russian business.
14 decision to bring out a new edition of a work that advocated an Aryan "master race" provoked fierce debate before publication.
15 Appalled by the wanton violence and rivers of blood he caused, Ashoka (304-232 BC), the Maurya emperor of India, embraced non-violence and actively advocated atonement.
16 He even cautiously advocated a tax on financial transactions.
17 Mutually beneficial cooperation as such between equal partners should be advocated in developing all bilateral and multilateral relations.
18 Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a left-wing think-tank, recently published a letter signed by over 650 economists, including five Nobel prizewinners, which advocated a rise.
19 Although we might not choose the process being advocated, we still read new material on this topic hoping to glean new ideas, which can be used in future projects.
20 She made no comment about the protest, but in her preface to the catalogue she advocated the importance of doubt and the “necessity of progress”.
21 advocated a new strategy to tackle the loss alongside more traditional steps such as the expansion of protected natural areas and pollution control.
22 He himself advocated the policies the Fed followed, and in fact, was critical of the Fed raising rates even when it belatedly did so in 2004.
23 China has actively promoted peace talks and advocated the spirit of solidarity to handle certain disputes in Asia.
24 The principles and proposals I advocated could hardly be called Republican-lite or lacking in conviction.
25 It advocated big reforms to markets to limit bilateral trading between Banks and instead introduce central counter parties, with trading on regulated exchanges.
26 You've advocated great causes - the rights of working parents, child health, women's empowerment.
27 Last year, he also advocated the two sides reach an agreement on the teaching of traditional and simplified characters in schools.
28 As noted previously, the Software Product Line approach is advocated to address the kernel, optional, or alternative activities at a business level.
29 In "National Thoughts, " LordTownshend was worried about the poor, and paternalistically advocated removingthe enforceability in court of small amounts of debt in order to help theircondition.
30 In other emerging markets, the new, crowd-pleasing IMF has advocated counter-cyclical policies to combat the ill effects of global contraction.